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Concerns about flying with kitten & adjusting to new home

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I just got my kitten (she's between 4-5 months) about 2 weeks ago and she is a doll. She adjusted easily to our home with no accidents or problems. Then my husband found out he is being deployed for a year within the next few weeks and I will be moving back to where my parents live.

My concerns are, I live in North Carolina and will be flying to Utah, which, even with a direct flight is between 4-5 hours. Will she be ok during the flight, and does anyone have advice for how to make the trip easier for her? She is a pretty smart, good kitty, and mostly hides when she is nervous, but I want to make it as easy for her as possible.

Also, I have some concerns about when I get to my parents house (which is much larger than mine) and how to make it the easiest for her to adjust to a new home. Any thoughts or suggestions are GREATLY appreciated. TIA
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I highly recommend you purchase a soft-sided carrier and fly her IN cabin with you - not as "cargo". You need a carrier small enough to fit under the seat (most soft-sided carriers are ok). Book an isle seat so you can sit on the end - more room for the carrier. The last time I paid for a flight for the cat it was $75, check early with the airlines to book a "seat" for your cat - they only allow one or two animals in cabin per flight.

My cats got upset most with take off/landings as they didn't like the noise of the engines - once in the air they usually went to sleep. Do NOT sedate your cat for the flight. Don't feed/water the cat before you leave - wait till you get to your destination and in the house.

You will need a vet certificate of health no more then 10 days before flight and verification of shots.

When you get to the house, confine kitty to one room with litter pan, food and water. Then based on the reaction you can supervise exploring.
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Thanks for your reply. I just went and bought a soft sided carrier. I am flying on Delta, and i've already checked that I can take her as a carry on.

I didn't know about not feeding her beforehand...thats good to know. I suppose to prevent "accidents?" Is it ok to give her treats during the flight?

I also bought a harness and lead for her once we get to my parents house. I am very concerned, with more people being there, that she might accidentally escape, but yet, I don't want to have her on a lead all the time.
She will be confined to my bedroom when I get there.
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My kitten is the same age and I am considering taking him to our vacation home over Christmas. It is 3 hour flight but with drive time and waits he would be in the carrier for about 6 hours. My biggest concern is what if the flight is delayed? How long can they stay in there without pooping or peeing? I can't imagine what a mess it would be if the kitty peed in the soft sided carrier. I have also heard they make you take the cat out of the carrier and carry him through security. OMG -- the cat will freak out -- hold on tight.

Please post on how the flight goes -- I' love to learn from it!
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Yeah, I hate the fact you have to take the cat out of the carrier in the airport. I always had a tight hold of the scruff/neck and squished him/her against me. Last thing you need is an escaped cat in the airport.

I don't feed anyone when traveling - showed a lot. Its better after you get to the destination to eat/use the pan. None of mine ever had a problem. Even when we moved from Maryland to Minnesota - Spooky didn't get to eat till we stopped for the nite. He was fine - pretty hungry but ok.

I did let him out to roam a bit in the car when we'd stop for lunch.
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If you have the harness and leash on him for the trip for safety at the airport when you take him out, make SURE at home first that he CANNOT wiggle out of it, and don't rely on it to hold him . I've had harnesses for my cats before to get them used to their new yard, and it is AMAZING how a cat can wiggle and twist and contort and escape from one of those things with the right inspiration!

And good luck with your trip, and prayers for your husband.
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