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Poor Tangerine

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Update on Tangerine -
Well during his afternoon feeding, he was a little unmanagable. He wouldn't sit still, so when I let him go he just immediately went to the litter box, and COULDN'T PEE AGAIN! Then he tried everywhere in the dang house... it was awful to watch AGAIN... So back to the vet last evening. Dr. B was just like, ah here is my challenge kitty. I didn't think that was funny. Anyhow, he was able to pass a catheter... but i just don't understand how he could close up again after yet a 2nd surgery to open him up only 2 weeks ago! Dr B said he believes the catether was not in long enough. So now he is on the catether and tube feeding.
I am really at my wits end. Having nightmares (stupid me watched him get the catether put in him) when I do sleep. I have to keep strong for him, but I am just wondering if the vet thinks of him only as a "challenge"... any advise... I could really use it. This is going on 2 months of this.
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Definitely time for a second opinion and a fresh look at Tangerine.
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I agree. Poor little Tangerine must be so miserable. It is hard to read about, I cannot imagine how helpless you must feel watching him. Sending out lots of "get better" vibes to both of you. Pleas continue to keep us updated on his condition.
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Thanks guys, and I did think about seeing another vet, but I really don't trust any... and he is just very comfortable at this place...
Dr. Thomas just called and said that Tanny was playing with a toy in the middle of the office that one of the assistants brought for him. He is running around and playing. I don't believe this
I said, what is going on with him, why is he blocking? He said that we need to keep the catheter in the WHOLE time now... (i guess tanny took it out himself too early last time)... So now two more weeks of E Collar!!! Dr. Thomas said we just really need to get him eating as he shows no outward signs of the fatty liver disease anymore... This cat is driving me nuts!!!
I miss him, but do feel better as he seems to be having fun. Part of me feels he would rather be there... that's nuts I know. But i am sure some owners can understand...

Has anyone out there had problems with reoccuring blockage like this???
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I have no advice, I just wanted to say thank you for the update - you and Tangerine remain in my thoughts.
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Good luck to Tangerine. I know this must be so hard for you and your kitty, but take some comfort that he is in good hands at the vets and seems to be perking up. It is so difficult when our babies are hurting and we seem to be unable to help them. Let the vet take control and hang in there. You have both been through so much.
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I really dont know your whole story, but I relate everything I know in humans, to the cats..Which is good and bad..Are you sure the use of the catheters arent blocking him??

I have worked in many nursing homes, where alot of times foley catheters are used, and have heard many storys after people getting them time and time again, that it causes scar tissue, etc..and that they have more problems after each one..

I dont know, just a thought..I hope your kitty gets better..I cant imagine 2 months, my week was exhausting enough
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My Lucky went through the samething for 2 months. They finally did surgery. We call He/she now. Things have been great since. He only had one infection after the surgery. He seems to have calmed down too. He used to be the alpha male.
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How is Tangerine today?
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I used to make he/she jokes too... but my boyfriend gets very offended and says it's not funny and he's our big boy!
He is doing well this morning, they just fed him. Hopefully he'll eat some on his own today. I was able to spend over an hour with him yesterday... he is dripping out his catheter... but I swear after everything he's been through, he just looks good.
So as long as he pees and eats we'll be ok... ugh.
He's very unhappy that he has his e collar again.
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Chin up Tangerine! Eating and peeing is fun!
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