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Day 55, I'm nervous

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I"m so nervous...I have been since yesterday. Meeka delivered on Day 55 last time (her first litter) and lost all the babies because it was just to early... Its scary to think I know exactly what the kittens look like in her belly today. I also know that each day that passes increases the chance of survival, so everyday will be a relief. The vet thinks she should have no problems the second time around. She hiccuped last night and I watched her for an hour straight thinking it might have been a contraction! Ugh. Thank God it wasn't. I'm still scared.
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I'm glad you posted. I was just thinking of Meeka on Sunday, and was wondering how she was doing.

I think anyone in your position would be quite nervous. I am sending lots of good vibes to the gorgeous Meeka for a safe, healthy delivery, and many calming vibes to you
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Thanks. Since that incident I've switched vets. I'm now at a vet that breeds Maine Coons and she runs a huge animal hospital that is open 7 days a week. I feel like Meeka is in much better hands here. The last vet was just completely ignorant of breeding issues and did not treat me very well during the loss nor did they try and save the babies. err I can't think about that. All the pain has come up again and I think that is why I'm so nervous too.
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Wait I"m wrong! Today is day 56. Whew! No wonder I was so nervous yesterday...deep inside I must have known it was day 55. So that means its 7 days before delivery as of today. Thats one day longer than last time so we are already doing better. Ok I''m feeling a touch better now.
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sending all my prayers and best wishes to you both
missy and michelle x
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7 days to go and counting!! I'm glad you feel better about the new vet!!

I'm getting excited for you!!
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Sadie & I are really happy that Meeka made it through Day 55 and we're sending good thoughts to you! Meeka is indeed a very beautiful girl, so her babie's will be amazing looking. Can't wait to see pictures.
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BIG hugs you made it passed a big hurdle i am sure she will deliver on the proper day and safe and sound
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Hang in there Natalie, 2nd time's a charm with bengals! Teri and I are keeping our fingers crossed for Meeka.
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*hugs* I'll be keeping you in my thoughts for the rest of the pregnancy and delivery to go smoothly

Meeka is one of the most beautiful bengals I have ever seen. Such a gorgeous girl.
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I understand why you're worried...I'd be nervous too. You're already one day ahead of the game from last time...that's a great sign! *sending healthy litter vibes*
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We're doing good at Day 57 now! She scared me again this morning. She came in talking to me and I glanced at her and thought she looked skinny! It was early so I wasn't seeing very clearly but I stared at her for about 5 minutes to determine she was the same as yesterday and I could still see movement on both sides...whew again. Can you tell I'm nervous?
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I have been anxiously awaiting news about Meeka, I am so happy she is doing well on day 57. She will continue to be in my thoughts for a happy, healthy delivery of baby Bengals.
Hugs and belly rubs,
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Good luck with everything, I'm sending good delivery vibes to you and Meeka!
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