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The Daily Thread Wed July 26, 2006

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let the daily thread begin!
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Good morning!

How's everyone's "hump" day going so far?

Today is one of my bridesmaid's 28th birthdays..Amy. Happy Birthday Amy!

This morning I'm going to be going for my final wedding dress fitting, I can't believe my wedding is almost here!!

Have a great day everyone.
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Afternoon all!

Good luck at your final fitting, Tracy!

A humid and sticky day here in the Land of Manc! I still have quite a lot of cleaning and clearing to get on with, but just can't seem to get into it today!

Hope you all have a great day!
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Good Morning Everyone!!!

I had a great night last night! Hubby & I spent some much needed QT together....we had been going through a rough patch....but we're back in smoothe sailing mode! I made a great dinner, we brought the leftovers to his friend who shattered his heel, and is stuck at home with no mom to "baby" him (his mom passed away last year). Then we were off to ToysRUs!!! Tomorrow is my nephew's 2nd birthday, and we had to pick out a gift. We got him this black Harley Davidson chopper tricyle complete with "chrome" exhaust, and orange flames....and of course the matching black with orange flames helmut. It's SO cute. We also got him this dinosaur set by animal planet with all the dinosaurs in it, and the Imaginext Mega T-Rex. If you haven't seen this new toy, click on the link and do the demo. His eyes light up, he roars, and thrashes his upper torso around. We can't wait to give him his gifts!


I hope everyone has a great day!!!!
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Good Morning

I am very tired today for some reason.....I am not sure why because I didn't go to bed late last night. Today I am looking around to see how much day care costs for an infant..since many of you know Jason and I are thinking about trying for a baby. I didn't realize how much day care costs!! Hopefully Jason's dad can watch our child during the day it just all depends.....

I hope everyone has a great day!
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Good Morning!!

Tracy how exciting for your final fitting!! :claps:

Not a whole lot going on for me today. Its Wednesday so 1/2 way through the work week and that is good! Only 3 baby shower invitations left to mail then we can move on to the other planning!

Hope everyone has a good Wednesday!
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Morning Ladies!!

Happy Humpday! Its actually like Thursday for me because I am leaving for Ottawa on Friday so no more work for me after tomorrow

Only a couple of days until I leave!! I'm super excited to surprise my friend...yay!!

Tracy, have fun at your final fitting...why do they do so many fittings anyway?? To make sure it still fits? Wooohooooooo wedding!!

Have a great day ladies!
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Today is nice and sunny, more thunderstorms are on the way though. I'm having a lazy day so far - went back to bed this morning (get up at 5 and drop hubby off) and am all snoozy now. Sometimes it's just so hard not to go back to bed. Pushy came and cuddled me so that was nice.
Have a good day everyone!
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Good afternoon everyone!. 1 1/4 hours to go before i head off home to the kitts

It's so hot and humid here I've just had some scruff come in off the street with 3 kids in tow asking me to fill his water bottle up, so i got one of my co workers instead because theres no way i was leaving my reception area especially where we work because the computer would be gone by the time i came back!
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Well we finished the w paver walkways-tennis elbow is back though as we each did a good hour of sweeping the joint compound in the pavers-then we have to cover both walkways as it takes up to 24 hrs to set up-2 tarps and 4 others tarps that we cover our firewood with. Its supposed to rain (again!!) we got an inch in the past 2 days!!
I cleaned the gutters were they drain into the ground and took off most of the skin on my knuckles on my left hand-the stuff in the ground was really clogged!!
Its my birthday and got some chocolates and the ring from DH, $$ from parents and candles and bath stuff from my twin. We are eating out tonite.
I did some weeding this am but its might humid outside so I might laze around-chill the bottle of wine sis sent be and read a book!!

Have a good day everyone
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