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Kidney,liver, and cholesterol count up

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My cat started to act quiet and distressed after dry food. I was told she has FUS. I put her on CD/S prescription diet. I took a urine culture and blood analysis. Urine is fine-no crystals. But kidney, liver, and cholesterol numbers are slightly elevated. Vet says it is nothing to worry about. Yet she acts funny after eating certain foods. I put her on CD/K (kidney) canned; (she won'd eat CD/L (liver canned). Am I doing right? She doesn't like it very much. Sometimes at night I will give her some of the stuff she used to eat (Friskies Senior Canned.) I also started IAMS canned. Anybody know of a commercial brand that is good for an 8.5 year old female cat who may be on the verge of kidney and liver problems? I can continue with the CD/K prescription diet, but she doesn't like it too much. Please advise.

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I did a quick search for you. Here are some links. I hope they help.FUS

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Is the vet fairly confident about the diagnosis of FUS? If the vet is not worried about the latest tests, I would trust their opinion. It kinda sounds like you aren't too comfortable with this vet. . .If you think the vet is not listening to your concerns, maybe get a second opinion.

I would also only feed her the food that her vet recommends. If the prescription diet is not palatable, then ask the vet for an alternative. Often another manufacturer has made a similar formulation but with a different taste. Maybe there will be one that does not cause your kitty discomfort.

I am unclear if you are switching foods with the vets knowledge or not. The reason to only feed what the vet recommends is because some conditions are exacerbated with improper diet. For example, when one of my cats needed a Kidney diet (low protein) I was told never to feed her the low crystal diets because it addressed the urine crystals but not the protein and would worsen the kidney problem.

Is she getting adequate water?
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There's a couple of things you can do first besides feeding the prescription diet(I'll get to that in a minute) such as providing her with frequent oppertunities to urinate such as keeping the litter box clean all the time and make sure there is always plenty of fresh clean water for her to drink.

If she isn't already keep her weight down because obesity won't help this problem. If she is overweight discuss with your vet about a safe weight loss plan for her. It also helps to feed canned food so she takes more water in.

As far as the food goes many cats are known to turn their noses up at K/D and L/D. You can ask your veterinarian about other brands of food they can order for you to help with this problem. I think IVD and Waltham makes one. We've had better reviews on the IVD food rather than the Science diet food.
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Dear Jessica;

Where do I get this IVD Diet?

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Ruth, you can purchase IVD through veterinarians... See if your vet can order it for you.
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