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Not sure where to post this??

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Hello All!

I am pretty sure I will be getting a new addition to our family!

I have a 2 year old Maine Coon X. Not sure what her other half is!

Anyway I want to try and get a boy cat. I have never had a boy cat before. I would like any advice and things to look for.

Even if they are neutured do they still spray?
What colors or breeds(dont really want a purebred cat) are the sweetest?
I would really love a lap cat, and i know it mostly depends on the cats personality. However I know calicos/torties are a little fiesty and usually girls( I use to work at a vet clinic they were never the sweetest kitty!)

My Hendrix has 85% of Maine Coon traits so she is not a cuddle baby, but still shows my boyfriend and I lots of love. She loves other cats and I can tell gets lonely sometimes.

Anyways anyone who can give me the inside scoop on raising a boy kitty! I would appreciate it!

Thanx in advance!

If this thread does not belong here sorry! Please move it to the correct forum!
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Not much difference really that you can actually list off, all cats are individuals so they are all very different in every way. Your cat probably will not spray. Buy some Feliway Plug ins just to make sure bad behaviors don't start. As long as he is neutered all should be well. Go slow with introducing him to your cat. Never bring one to the other, when they are ready, let them find each other. Expect hissing and growling but let them do this, they will need to establish who is alpha.
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I do suggest getting one who's possibly older than she is, known to be on the gentle side, so if there are territory squabbles, they're more evenly matched. He will initially respect her squatter's rights, but down the line may want to take over, but if he's older, will accept her as #1 more readily.
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Thank you for all the advice... I'm probably going to get a kitten.

I am so excited!
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Some male cats spray after neutering, but I have found it is mostly those that have reached maturity before neutering. I have never had one do it if they were neutered as kittens. I have a huge soft spot for red or yellow tabby boys. The 4 that I have had were the sweetest natured, cuddliest, most loving kitties ever. One of them was a Maine Coon X, and he grew to a whopping 22 lbs of sweetness. 3 of them have passed away, and one is still very young and kittenish, at his little stinker stage.(Scooter in my siggy) One of them lived to be 18 years old, and he was the kitty love of my life. (Fred in my siggy. He was a reddish gold tabby in his prime, then he faded to kind of threadbare looking old guy.) The 3 that were neutered as early as possible seemed to stay kittenish much longer than any that I have had that were neutered older.
This has been my experience, I am sure some others will share theirs.
Please let us know what you decide, and how it goes. We love pics, so please don't be shy about posting them.
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Most male cats are a lot more people oriented and friendly and lap sitters. And when neutered rarely spray. I've never had a male cat spray after being neutered.

I'd shop around and visit shelters and look for a laid back male. I've never noticed any "color" and attitude with males. I just am partial to the red tabbys
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I've been pretty evenly matched males to females in all the time I've had cats up to now. Now, I'm a bit "male heavy", so to speak, because I've found that males, once neutered, are just the biggest love bugs you could ever ask for. My females, once spayed, pretty much want nothing to do with you unless they request it. This is why, when I went out looking for my latest addition, I was insistant on a male... and boy did he live up to my expectations What a cuddler!

I've had males in every color - orange tabby, grey tabby, b&w "cow", black maine coon, solid grey with white feet.. the coloring didn't seem to matter. They were pretty much all the same when it came to being social. The orange tabby, grey tabby and grey with white feet are more lap cats, while the maine coon and the cow wanted to be next to your lap instead of on it.... but they were all very social cuddlers.

Also, I've had them all neutered somewhere between 10 weeks and 2 years and none of them ever sprayed... even Johnny who was two when he was fixed and had a very complicated neuter. They've all been angels! (*knock on wood* )

I hope that helps!
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Welcome to TCS, H.H.! Wow, how are you all doing in this heat over in Sacto??? My best friend moved to Walnut Grove a year & a half ago, but just moved into Sac last month - the city is less humid, but I think that the cement & pavement just collect that heat
I agree that Hendrix would enjoy a brother and I am sure that the shelter has plenty of candidates Maine Coons tend to have such a mellow attitude that they accept most everyone (JC does, EXCEPT for my cat Cindy, who tormented JC & Joey during their kittenhood, and JC grew up to about twice her size & weight But in Cindy's defense, she was grieving about the loss of our Senior Cat, Miss Toby, when the kits entered our lives).
Neutered males don't spray as much as rumored, usu., unless there's some psychological warfare between pets or there's a bladder problem going on. And some cats shake the base of their tail when they want to get affection or a goody - and so many people say, "Oh no, they're gonna pee!"
Please keep us updated on the "brother for Hendrix" search! Susan
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