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Just an idea...

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I'm not sure if this is the place to post this, but I'm going to anyway in hopes that it actually IS the right place. Anyways...I was just thinking...and came up with what I think is a good idea. Why doesn't thecatsite.com have a chat? There could still be the forums, but people with immediate problems and questions could go to the chat and get answers much more quickly than the forum. Of course, you can also just hang out and talk, but what do you think? I mean, the other people of this site that love to post and to talk? It could also have a pm or something. It's just an idea though, although I think it would be pretty awesome. So, I ask again, what do you all think?
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i am sure some people would love that
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This topic was discussed a while back. I can't remember the specifics but the answer was that TCS wasn't going to be having a chat room.
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If everyone wanted to, maybe whoever is interested in chatting via AIM or yahoo or something, can put in their profiles what their screen names are. Then create a special folder in the chat service and we can slowly just add each other. Or whoever is intersted can reply here to add them to whatever chat service they have. My AIM screen name is iloveweirdstuff if anyone wants to chat with me ever.

If this is all allowed at all. I tried to get everyone to share their myspace links one time but that wasn't allowed
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Adding your IM details is allowed, you can add it in your profile and will get a little icon under your post count to let people know! Also, if you do a search, there are threads where people gave their MSN and Yahoo handles!

EDIT: Okay, I hadn't realised that my icons don't come up anymore! Must check that out! (it does show in your profile, but doesn't get a logo anymore!

The reason My Space details aren't allowed to be publicly shared is due to the fact they are blog-type things and as this is a PG site, the Mods would have a massive job reading and checking the suitability of each My Space page!

The chat room is a no too, as it's difficult to moderate (if I remember correctly) There are usually people on throughout the day and night here - due to time differences - to answer people's posts and if the issue is really serious, then the poster should contact their vet.

Hope that helps.
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The chat idea has been brought up in the past, and although I'm sure most people would use it responsibly it would be difficult to moderate (as Sar said)
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