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Fun kitty game!

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I discovered a great game for Stumpy while I'm at work!!!!

I got a Bizzy Kitty play centre thing and she loves it. It's just a box with holes in it, and you put toys in it for them to play with. I have some things in there she can easily get out (small toy mouseys), and some things she has to work at.

Today I put a bunch of small treats in there! I watched her for a while, and it took a fair bit of time for her to get a treat out, but I think she was having fun! It was interesting watching her little brain work to work out the best way to get it. She tried lifting it out, but she couldn't get a grip of it, then trying pulling it out the sides of the box, but kept pushing it aside when trying to pull it out. Then tried using two paws to pull it out, which didn't work because the paws were going in two different holes. Then she got annoyed, and tried to shove her whole head through a hole!!! That was funny, because the hole is half the size of her head. She got annoyed, walked away, came back, looked at it for a bit, then pulled the treat toward a hole in the corner of the box, where she could get leverage against the side of the box, and managed to pull it out! She gobbled it up and looked up at me, and I swear she looked so proud of herself.

She then went back to the box and pulled another treat out the same way first go! After that, she just decided to play with everything else in the box!

It's certainly a good way to keep her occupied throughout the day
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I have seen those, my bf and I have are thinking of getting one. We have this circular thing that has a ball in it, where she pats teh ball and it goes around in circles. She playswith that for hours.

But that toy sounds like a blast might have to get one.
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I like it because you can put different things in there, so you can make it different to them. You can have noisy things one day, catnip things the next day, treats another day, things that roll, things that wiggle.... the possibilities are endless
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Yesterday I put every single toy of hers in there, just to see how many she'd pull out by the end of the day
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