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New Babies are here...

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Well, I haven't been on in a while due to a major back injury & Voodoo's kitten's & now Gracie's babies that were born today, talk about mass chaos!! lol I just wanted to announce the newest babies & will get pictures of these little beauties on here tommorrow morning. She had 3 but 1 passed away because she had it in the litter box & it was too late when I heard her digging fiercly in the litter box through the baby moniter to save the little angel. The other 2 are both spotless vans,1 boy & 1 girl. I believe them both to be very nice quality as of now. The only thing is Gracie went right into heat this morning as quick as she had them, Is this because of her hormone surge? I have read through all of my books & have found a little less than squat on this....But I have had to step in & supplement them because she's not interested in feeding them as of yet. Any help would be appreciated! Also an update on Voodoo's kitten's, They are both show quality, The little girl is staying here at Kessjillian & will be shown & the little boy is already in his new home where he will also be shown. These will be our first homebred kittens that will be off to the shows so we are very excited about them. Here are some pictures of Voodoo's kittens at 6 weeks old, I have a few more fancy ones but will have to scan. And also a picture of Gracie the mother of the new babies & their father Toby.The kitten pictures are from Voodoo & Maestro, Just casual photos, But still I think adorable. I hope you all enjoy, Nice to be back again, I can't wait to catch up. New baby Pictures to follow....

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Oh there so sweet looking, what a bunch of beautiful cats you have. I love that 2nd one, seems like everyones having new babies. Congraulations
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omg i have never seen a cat or kitten like them they are sooo gorgeous i thought it was a fluffy teddy at 1st im in love u must send me one pweeeese ill trade u for one of boots kittens hehe
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OH!!!! They look like Ewoks from Star Wars!!!! How cute!!!
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Very nice blue/white and black/white - I like the blue better; are these the ones you will show?
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They are just wayyyy to cute!
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45
Very nice blue/white and black/white - I like the blue better; are these the ones you will show?

Yes these are the ones that will be showing, The boy (spotless Blue & white van) has went to a show home & we will see how he measures up. And I am going to give a hand at showing the little girl, I agree at that point the boy was much nicer but I need to put their last photos on, she has just kept improving. I hope to at least champion, Thanks for all your nice comments! The newest litter is finally nursing from their momma & are nice and fat healthy babies
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These kitties are really awesome, just purrfect.... It reminds me of when we last had van babies. Good Luck with them at the shows....they will do well.
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Oh they are simply stunning! Beautiful kittens!!!
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Thanks so much! We can't wait to get to the shows! This last litter just born, I think is a bit nicer though, I got pictures to share but my lovely husband has left it at The last show babies were born on the day of the Kentucky Derby so we are naming the blk & white girl "Kessjillian;s Run for the Roses" Rosie for short & I think "Kessjillian's Churchill downs" Churchill for short for the boy, The new owners insist I name him, If anyone has anything better, I'd love to hear them... Thanks again everyone! Dawnde
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awh............................ awh...................... awh...........!!! just speechless
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Awww, they are gorgeous. I am in love with both of them. I can imagine how excited you are to have produced such wonderful babies. Please keep us updated with pictures, I love seeing your babies!!
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The blue/white van - will he be shown in championship or altered class? If in the altered class I'm sure he'd make grand easily

Can't wait to see more pictures. Best wishes for both in the show ring.
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