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Does your kitty ever freak you out???

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I'm sitting at the dining room table studying, and of course Stumpy is on the table "helping" me. All of a sudden she stopped, stared at a spot behind my head, which incidentally leads up the staircase. Not only that, but she started moving toward the stairs, still staring up, and in "stalk mode". Then she jumped down from the table, and starting moving AWAY from the stairs, looking behind her all the time looking fearful!! Sheesh!

Now I can't sit at the table with my back to the stairs... She's now completely moved away but it still staring towards the same spot.

I have no doubt there's nothing up there, but I'm a big wimp - especially when my husband is away! There was a cat hanging around about half an hour ago, and we're near an open door, so not sure is she heard his bell, or if she's hearing the neighbour - we share a common wall. The soundproofing is really good, but cats have better hearing!

Has your cat ever done this sort of thing and worried you unnecessarily??
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I assure you my blood would be absolutely cold right now.

Very occassionally, one of mine (usually SlΓ‘ine) do something like this - invariably it's a moth that she's stalking. Still, that's not the same... no, I'd be perfectly freaked.
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could have just been a bug or something you could not see.

but yes, i have had cats and dogs the seem to see something there, that i could not and had no idea what they where looking at,,, there eyes seemed to follow something,, and once i had a dog that went and hide under the bed and was crying, for some reason that no one in the house could find out why,.

hug, sorry dont mean to scare you,
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Heh, I'm ok, I'm positive it's nothing, just the initial look of fear in her eyes was enough to make me check the stairs!!

It's funny how much you trust a cat's reactions
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Actually yes. My cats Kinks and Bowie, when they still lived with my boyfriend at his old 3 story super old house. His room was the attic and one day both their tails puffed out and their fur stood up and they started growling and looking all scary. They were both watching something move around the room. So we took some pictures. Only two that came out were of Bowie and there was all this white mist around her. The one picture she was watching something. This is the only picture I still have of this:

I sure hope it is just two pictures exposed on top of each other but I can't make out anything specific in the "second" picture. I just see Bowie. If anyone can make out something please let me know. I would be very interested. Or if anyone is a photo expert can just tell me what they think it looks like or what happened.

Other weird thing is my cat Pwne just in general. She is a robot or an alien I am not sure which. She is just simply weird. Hard to explain, she sits and studies every single thing we do and watches our reactions to things. Like she is recording data in her mind. We joke that every night she sends her data sheet of the day back to the mother ship
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Whenever I try to take a photo without the flash when it needs it, or take it a in a mode with a slower shutter speed than it needs, it does that same sort of thing.

Given the circumstances though - how scary!!!!!!!!!
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Sarah I'm sorry but your story made me giggle - it really did! My cats have done that time without number to me and it FREAKS me out!

By the way - my name is Sarah and first initial P. In fact, before the big crash of 2004 my username on TCS was Sarahpen! What's your `P' for? Or aren't you sharing??
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We're both Aussies, both love riding our bikes, both cat people.... maybe you're my Doppelganger!!!

The P is for my surname which is Pollock

And yes, I'm giggling about it now - she's busy playing and has forgotten about the ghosts on the stairs
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Ahh I forgot you are Australian - where are you from?
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Originally from Brissie, was living in Canberra for a few years prior to moving to California - Canberra and California are a LITTLE different....

I've invited your kitties to be friends with Stumpy by the way (on Catster), but it wouldn't let me add your dogs as her friends! She's not a big fan of dogs anyway, so she's not too worried - nothing personal of course
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Ha! You're the second person to tell me that. Poor old Serenity and Sierra (DawnofSierra's babies) can't be friends with the doggies either

I have only spent a little time in Queensland and most of that was on my honeymoon with my first husband. We went to all the `Worlds' and had a ball!! Have you ever been to Perth?
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I loved dream world and movie world the best!!

Id give anything to go back to the gold coast and great barrier reef!

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Yeah Dream World was mint. And we loved Wet N Wild Water World, too, and Seaworld! But I thought Movie World was really naff - a bunch of wannabe actors forced to behave like idiots 15 hours a day! Poor things...

I perforated a disc in my spine sitting down on the loo in our hotel suite (HOW embarrassing) and it was due to weakness in my spine because of all the rollercoasters I went on!! I spent three days on my honeymoon not being able to walk or stand up straight and even the DOCTOR made a joke about it! `Hurt your back, eh? On your honeymoon, eh?' Wink wink nudge nudge...
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LuckyGirl will do that kinda stuff sometimes too. She'll also take off like a bat out of heck at 90mph running through the house like something freaked her out. Or she'll dart under something, and be "attacking" it hind legs kicking & scratching & all, and I think, OMG....she found a mouse!? But when I get the flashlight to check her out... she had nothing. She's play fighting with herself! So now we say she has an imaginary friend... all kids go through it .

At 1st I was worried why she'd be acting so crazy.... but I talked to the vet, and they said cats under a yr get this uncontrollable burst of kitten energy, and need to get it out... or they'll start to destroy your furniture, pillows, etc. So if she wants to with her! And give her at least 30 mins of hard core playtime per day.
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Spike will sit on the arm of the loveseat and yowl at the top-most hinge on the closet door (which he can't reach). It's obvious that the hinge is what he's looking at it, and it's the door hinge every time he does this. What makes it particularly creepy is that the previous tenant (who is a close friend of ours and has three cats of her own and fosters mama cats and kittens for the local Humane Society) has a cat who would sit in a similar place and growl at the exact same spot. So, clearly, the door-hinge is haunted.

Actually, though, Spike has a thing for door hinges. Every morning after my boyfriend leaves for work, Spike will fling himself at the middle hinge on the door to the outside world. I think he's offended by the door separating him from his "father." Incidentally, every other hinge in the apartment is safe from his violent attacks. It's just these two that deserve verbal and physical abuse, for reasons unbeknownst to us mere humans.
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