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how often

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I am just curious how often everyone changes the kitty litter. I scoop it out everyday if not everyday then every other day, and my babies are so fussy about their litter box that I have to change the whole entire litter box about every 3-4 and maybe sometimes 5 days. Other wise my little one Prince will go in the tub. lol (I know its gross, better then the carpet tho) So how often does every one change their litter box?? Also I use Tidy multiple cats litter what do you guys recommend thats good? I think it does tho job tho, lol
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I use Jonny Cat Scoop clumping cat litter. I buy two 8kg bags per month and one bag lasts about 2 weeks.

I have one litter box for 2 cats. It's a good size and has hinged edges that fold over a little bit so that my oldest cat can't shovel the litter onto the floor when she's burying her business.

The box is in my bathroom so whenever I go in there I bend and scoop, so it's scooped several times a day. I do a complete pan cleaning and litter change about every 10 to 14 days. I do have to add a few cups of litter close to litter change day because my oldest cat doesn't like a really low level of cat litter.
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That's an image of what the litter pan looks like.
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i like that litter pan, right now my babies have a regular one, i plan on getting one that has a top to it so its like their own little bathroom and no one can see them do their business, i know when i look at Princess and she is going to the bathroom she gives me this look like "God, can I have some privacy!!!" lol its funny so I have been thinking about getting them one of those litter pans
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