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Vibes needed. :\

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A lady called the rescue yesterday, saying her neighbor had 13 cats/kittens that needed to be placed immediately or she'd be evicted. So of course we told them to bring them down. We were the only rescue that would accept them, and they are 4 hours away from us.

Anyhow.. when they arrived this afternoon, I saw that the kittens were in horrible shape. So incredibly flea infested, it was disgusting. We ran the youngest, 22 day old kittens up to the vet for a special flea treatment. And the rest were given Revolution.12 kittens in total, 2 mums.

But the little ones are in bad shape.. anemic, and skinny.. I syinged them some KMR this evening before I left.. but I just pray that they will make it and survive.
The other kittens are a bit lethargic, but are doing okay.

So could we have some vibes, that everyone pulls through okay?
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Im sending vibes hoping all goes well with the little ones tonight!
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I hope they are okay. How did they do overnight?
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Many vibes for the widdle babies. Keep us updated, please.
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vibes for them all xox
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Lots and lots of healthy vibes to them all. Y'all are so wonderful to take them.
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Lots and lots of good vibes.........can you get some pics for us?
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Sending lots of vibes. Hope they're all okay!
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Sending tons of healing vibes to all of the kitties.
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Sending tons of vibes. I'll keep them in my thoughts
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Sending lots & lots of {{{prayers and vibes}}} for all the kitties, and for their caregivers, too! Bless you for taking them in!! I hope that good homes are found for all - that would be a wonderful TCS miracle
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever
Lots and lots of good vibes.........can you get some pics for us?

count with my good wishes!!!))))))))))))Good Vibes!..((((((((((((((
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Those poor little ones, I pray that they all pull through ok.
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