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Need decorating ideas...

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My first decorating project in the new house is going to be my girl's room. We are putting them in one room once the baby gets out of the crib, so my husband can have a studio. Annabelle's room, the one they will soon share, is huge, so they will be comfortable.

Here's the question, I think that the bed linens will be the most important thing, and will set the tone for the decor. Now Annabelle has a full, but we will be switching to two twin, so we will not need to retain current bedding. I don't want any character themes. I'd like something that will be trendy, but simple enough to get them thru elementary school. The walls are a medium mocha color throughout the house, including the bedrooms, and I am reluctant to repaint as the house is brand new and it seems like a big waste. When repainting is needed, I can find a color complimentary to my theme.

Here are a couple of my ideas, but I want yours, too!

Idea #1: I've noticed lots of stationary and some adult clothing has become a deep pink with dark brown dots, diamonds, stripes. I really think that would go well with the current paint color, but have no idea where to find bedding like that.

Idea #2: I really love the shift to the really bright colors. Unlike the hot pinks, greens, etc of my childhood, they are very vibrant, brilliant colors that do not hurt your eyes. I found a bedding set at potterybarn.com, but the colors aren't bright enough for what I want exactly (I found painted metal butterflies that hang from the ceiling at a local store that I would love to havbe if I went with the bright, vibrant theme.) I am willing to sew if I have to, maybe following the basic pattern of the potterybarn quilt, but choosing my own colors...

What do you think? Any other good ideas?
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My daughters room is a Mocha color and she has Country Blue and a Pink color design on her curtians and bedset. She is 9 and picked it out herself since she doesn't like theme stuff. I will try to take a picture and get it to you so you can see the colors for ideas. I bought it all from K-Mart.
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