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Frontline Plus?

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I just put Frontline Plus on my 3 month old kitten about an hour and a half ago, and he's itching like crazy.

Is this normal?

I'm hoping to god it's because the fleas are dying and freaking out.

Does anyone have any experience with this product and its effects?
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I notice the 1st 12 hours after applying it my cats itch and scratch alot. I do believe I read that is because its killing the fleas and making them more active.
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Thank you so much. I've definitely been sitting here picking up half-alive fleas he's been scratching off.. a lot so far.

I just feel so bad for him right now.
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If you have a flea comb handy you could probably help out by giving him a good combing.
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I wanted to get a flea comb really badly when I was at the pet store, but I couldn't find any!

I was sitting there regretting not hounding the employees for one, after this whole ordeal I realized it would have been really helpful.. rather than sitting right next to him for an hour picking the fleas off his face and drowning the ones that were falling/jumping off of him.

We're doing much better now, it's just hard to sit there and watch your baby cry and be miserable Thanks for your help you guys
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