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Gardens in full bloom!

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Hope you enjoyed taking a walk in my garden with me!
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Your garden looks beautiful.
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Those pics are just beautiful!!
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Gorgeous! I can almost smell the flowers
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Yep! Looks like you are in peak daylily bloom! (Ours is around late June and early July.) Nice selection of colors and patterns, too. Our daylily beds are in bad need of weeding since we have been unable to care for them these last two years. I have a personal preference for the large flowered ones.

BTW - Mom has been growing and trying to hybridize daylilies since before I was born. At one time she estimated we had over 800 named varieties and 1000 seedlings. No, she never had one of her named and introduced.
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I started to take pics of daylilies, get them printed, then I number the photo w/description and then stick a label by the daylily plants so if I want to divide them I have some info!!
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Very beautiful!
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There's my favorite garden on TCS!! Great job!
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Beautiful! I hope you don't mind me using the first one as my wallpaper. It will give me a smile to go with my coffee in the morning.
I love flowers, but have a brown thumb.
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Beautiful garden! Great mix of colours, you've got so many varieties there.
I love the tilted pot stand with all the flowers tumbling out!
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