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Quiz- "What Kind of Cat Would You Be?"

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They nailed me as a Persian........

What type of cat are you?
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I'm an Ocicat
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Another Persian here!
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Another Ocicat!
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I'm a Norwegian Forest Cat
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I'm a Snowshoe

I have to post the little synposis, because its kinda funny:

The Snowshoe is gregarious and talkative. She is always ready for fun and will regularly try to instigate a game. While her strong intellect leads her to try new things, it also causes her to become easily bored when a task is mastered. Variety is truly the spice of life for this kitty! Affectionate with others, eager to interact, the Snowshoe is always the ‘belle of the ball’.

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Add me to the Ocicats.
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Yet another Ocicat here.
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First I was a Snowshoe. . .then I went back and was more honest and became a Burmese :tounge2:
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I'm an Ocicat, too.
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Im a SNOWSHOE, also :splitter:
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They said I was a Persian - but I'm not so sure. (I don't think I'm that relaxed - and I certainly don't "always look fabulous"? What's an occicat like?
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Another Persian!
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Yet another Persian here.
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I am an Ocicat!
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The Ocicat is both playful and devoted. She may spring into action on a whim at any moment, or languidly pass an hour away in the lap of a loved one. The Ocicat is happiest with friends and struggles at being solitary for any period of time. Her exotic, no-fuss coat is a breeze to maintain, and looking her best comes easily. Inquisitive by nature, she gets into trouble from time to time. But any trouble is soon forgotten because she is off on a new adventure in a flash!
Sounds close to my personality! LOL!
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I'm a Burmese - but I want to be a PERSIAN!!
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Another Ocicat
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Thanks, jugen, for the Ocicat description. I guess I am more like the quiet, obervant Persian. (I'll even accept the "always looks fabulous" part of it.) I think it would be fun if some of you other cats - Snowshoe, Burmese, Norwegian Forest, etc. - would include a little bit of the personality blurbs that go with your breed. (Then the rest of us could decide if we are really satisfied with our supposed identities!)
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I am a Burmese!!
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A snowshoe. I have never heard of this breed, but it sure suits me to a "T".
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I'm a Norweigan Forest Cat. SSWWEEEEETTTTTTT!
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I'm a Snowshoe, and the description is spot on.
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I'm a persian - how did they know I have to spend hours calming my locks, and sicking up the fur balls afterwards
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