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Kitty Poo Problems

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Our 12 weeks old kitten poos in the tub! I read the links provided above and tried some of those things...

1. taking the lid off the box
2. left and inch of water in the tub
3. moved his food out of the same room
4. moved the litter box

He's been doing this off and on for the last month or so, it's not everytime he goes, just once in awhile. His brother does fine, doesn't seem to have a problem. The have both been to the vet and have gotten clean bills of health (although they didn't do a stool analysis this last time) ANYWAYS, once I left water in the tub he decided that he was going to poo on my children's potty chair, like in the pan not just all over it....it's not really a horrible thing for him to go there I'm just wondering WHY he's doing this and what I can do to get him to go where he's supposed to. After he pooed in the chair I put him and his poo in his litter and he proceeded to cover it....I don't know I'm so confussed!!!


Sorry this is so random!!!!
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I wish I could help - there are a lot of old threads, maybe trying reading through them for oddball situations like yours for quirky ideas that might work?

You might want to go back to the vet - where is he peeing?

One thing I would suggest, if your efforts to get him to stop using the bath and start using the litter tray don't work, and he starts going somewhere else because the bath isn't available, that's pretty much a garentee that there is a problem with the litter tray (even if it's not obvious to you). In that scenario, my advice is to make sure you let him have access to the bath for your own sake til you figure out what the problem is.
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Thank you for the reply, from what I see he is going pee in the litter box, we have BRAND new carpet and I haven't found anywhere that he could be going, or smelled anything like cat pee anywhere. Either that or he's going in the tub as well, I'm really not sure. We're going to try switching litters and getting a seperate box without a lid for him as our other kitten loves having his privacy and the two we have right now are both covered. I'm going to call the vet today and see what the suggest as well! Thank you!
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Make sure the box is free on all 4 sides. Some cats hate feeling boxed in and only allowed to face certain directions.

If that doesn't work, try placing it in a corner so that only 2 sides are free. Maybe he's an odd ball and likes closed quarters, LOL

Maybe he doesn't like sharing a box with the other cat.

Maybe he doesn't like the kind of cat litter. Switch brands. Try clumping. Try regular.

Make sure there is adequate litter in the pan. Maybe there isn't enough in it for him. Or maybe there is too much in it for him.

Maybe he doesn't like the litter box itself. Maybe it's too small or too big or too tall or too shallow. If it's square maybe he prefers a round one. I did a google image search for "cat litter pans" and man, are there a huge variety of shapes and sizes out there, LOL
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Thank you all so much!

I called the vet and since the cats were both just seen and healthy he doesn't believe it's health problems and since he only does it once in awhile that it may just be a habit he's gotten into. He suggested switching back to the litter we used before (my hubby bought litter this time and had no clue what was going on!) and to uncover the box for him. We're also going to add and extra box in a different area just to see if that could be the problem. I'll let you know how it goes!!!
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