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You know your tired when.....

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Lets share silly tired stories! I'm good for doing something ridiculous when I'm sleepy. I know I can't be the only one from the thread the other day about talking in your sleep and things! So here are my stories:

1. You know your tired when you get in the shower, squirt some conditioner in your hands....then rub it on your face like face wash! I've also used body wash as shampoo...

2. You know your tired when (this is from tonight too) you pick up the hot compress you just made and hold it up to your ear and say 'Hello?' Yes I just did this. I have some pimple/bug bite on my cheekbone near my ear and it's bigger than a quarter and red and stuff, so my mom and co-worker suggested trying to put a hot washcloth against it. So that's what I was doing. Come to think of it, now I'm holding it to my head with my shoulder, just like a phone (pre hands free kit days of course!)

Ok, so anyone else have a silly sleepy story!?! I wanna hear some pleeeease!!
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Oh I have a few

1. I too, have been guilty of using body wash for shampoo

2. I have gotten into the shower with my pj's still on .... seriously tired

3. I poured kitty food into a bowl for my cereal, and the cereal into the cat food bowls - thank god I realized what I did before I poured milk on the cat food and ate it!

I shouldn't be allowed to function until at least a 4 hours after I've been awake
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Oh I have a few

1. I too, have been guilty of using body wash for shampoo

2. I have gotten into the shower with my pj's still on .... seriously tired

3. I poured kitty food into a bowl for my cereal, and the cereal into the cat food bowls - thank god I realized what I did before I poured milk on the cat food and ate it!

I shouldn't be allowed to function until at least a 4 hours after I've been awake
I bet you'd be awake real fast after taking a bit of milk covered kitty food!
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Originally Posted by MoochNNoodles
I bet you'd be awake real fast after taking a bit of milk covered kitty food!
Oh thats for sure!! Eewwww
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I've put hair jell on my tooth brush. Thank God I caught that one.
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I can't think of anything really funny (maybe I'm just too tired to remember) but I often

- go to wash my hands before eating and end up brushing my teeth instead

- put ice cream in the fridge (or occasionally put cheese in the freezer)

- not remember if I've fed the cats already... so I feed them again, just in case.

mmm... I'll think of some better ones later. Time for bed now
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You know you're tired when....
You sit down after dinner to read the newspaper and wake up the next morning still holding it!!
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I ahve actually lied down to read a book, and woken up in the morning with the book still in my hands.

Or when one kitty does something wrong, and you list off every other kitty. 'Orion! I mean, Nacho, I mean, Poptart, I mean Gordito!'
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You literally start going mad/insane. I did that for 1 day after I had just come home from the hospital with my newborn Marie. Instead of going into that depression girls get after being pregnant, I started thinking that my baby would live for forever and she didn't need to eat....I literally think that crazy thinking was cause I had never slept more than 2 hours each night without being woken up to feed my baby while I was in the hospital. Once I got some sleep and my husband woke for the first couple of nights home to take care of her....that's when my sanity came back. I had some sleep!!
And also when you fall asleep in bed with the T.V. running and the remote control in your hand. (My husband found me asleep like that once).
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I hate when you get home from work or a busy day in general and the phone rings and you get halfway through saying "Good afternoon, Blah company, Sarah speaking" before you realise what you're saying.

I was actually volunteering at the shelter recently, and I went into business mode, and said "Good afternoon, AQIS, Sarah speaking". AQIS is the Government Dept I worked for in Australia before I moved to the US - this is about 8 months ago now!!! The poor person on the end of the phone was so confused...
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when you shower twice before bed! Yep.. I showered earlier this evening and then just took another one before bed..I am mid way through washing my hair for the 2nd time when I realized I had already done this once!

Guess I need to sign off and go to sleep!
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Originally Posted by babyharley
Oh I have a few

1. I too, have been guilty of using body wash for shampoo

2. I have gotten into the shower with my pj's still on .... seriously tired

3. I poured kitty food into a bowl for my cereal, and the cereal into the cat food bowls - thank god I realized what I did before I poured milk on the cat food and ate it!

I shouldn't be allowed to function until at least a 4 hours after I've been awake

By the way I LOVE your new Siggy! Did you make it?
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Weirdest thing I have done is not all that weird. I got in to the shower a few times with my underwear or bra still on and didn't realize it right away.
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First to my mind is the time I wore hair curlers during my nap between jobs, then forgot to take them out.....I waited on my first table before a coworker showed up for his shift & told me! Those poor people were too polite to acknowledge the embarrassing situation
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I wore a dress inside-out to work once, and chatted with about four people before someone told me.

I have got into the shower with my glasses on heaps of times, but that's no biggie. I fell asleep in the shower once, though, and Max had come to see what on earth I was doing when he found me.

But the worst thing that I've ever done because of extreme tiredness was drive right into oncoming traffic. I had an accident and was cautioned by the police. I would NEVER do anything like that normally, but I don't remember much about it and it was all because I was literally so tired I couldn't function. Scary.
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I once put my cereal box in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard... luckily that was when I was younger and lived at home so my Mom caught it I have also worn 2 different shoes to school

Mackenzie, that cat food/cereal story is the best! Harley was probably like "what the heck or you doing Meowmy?? I don't like Lucky Charms"
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I have put zit cream on my toothbrush, and started to brush my teeth with it before I realized, hmm this doesn't taste minty it tastes gross!!!

I have picked up my stapler of my desk and proceeded to answer it "this is brandi may i help you" meanwhile the phone is still ringing...

I have sharpened mechanical pencils

That is all I can remember right now....
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i actually did something this morning!! i had to work last night,, i didnt get off work till around one this morning. my truck is broke so i had to take DH to work (so i could keep the truck) then i was SUPPOSED to come back home and go back to bed yeah well ... i ended up driving to MY work after i dropped him off. i sat in the parking lot for about 5 min before it hit me .. I dont have to go to work till 4 pm today and im sitting in the parking lot at 6 am!!! we dont even open till 10:30 lol im still not awake i think i might actually go back to bed now haha
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I don't know if this is from being tired or old, but my sweet old mom put her cooled cup of tea in the refrigerator, turned on the microwave for 1 minute and then couldn't understand where her cup of tea had disappeared to when she opened the microwave. We laughed at that one for awhile.
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Ok, so it was around Christmas time, and I had a TON of stuff on my mind & wasn't sleeping well for weeks... I had to make cookies for Jasmine's party at school, they were having a multi class party for their grade. It was getting late and I had been making chocolate chips for awhile, and I was getting to the last batch, I crack the eggs in the bowl, when I realize I didn't have any butter left out.... shoot, I say, and grab the hardened butter from the fridge, throw it in the bowl, and think... well, I'll just microwave it for a few seconds to soften it. Yeah, I ended up with boiled eggs.... and couldn't figure out what the small chunks of white were in with the butter... I even called my husband over to look & see what it was... he held that moment over my head for a long time... he says "you hard boiled the eggs!" and thought it was the funniest thing ever. I was not amused. Now I had soft butter and no eggs..... ugh! back to the drawing board!
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When us girls still lived at home my sister came in from an all night long party around 4am, me & my step mom found her, sitting on the toilet, pants around her ankles.... she was so tired, she simply could not get up, so she pulled the laundry hamper in front of the toilet & just layed her head down....she was out cold, and had been there for at least 4 hours! Talk about ring around the rosy!!!
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This is more of a "dumb geek" moment but here goes..

This morning I was using remote desktop to log into my home machine and uninstall some programs (I'm getting ready to format my machine) and wouldn't you know it, the stupid thing had to reboot. So I'm pinging my machine (basically telling it "Hey, where did you go??"), not getting a response, and I freaked out and thought that something was so wrong that it couldn't reboot.

I called my fiance at work and as I'm on the phone freaking out, I realize...I have my Internet connection setup in such a way that I wouldn't receive an answer from pinging it!

Here's another that I did yesterday...

I was so tired, that I made it all the way to work before I realized that my workmachine (it's a laptop) was back at my apartment. I had to drive home and get it. I even pressed the power button on the docking station wondering why it wouldn't turn on.
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Whe I was in masasge school, After leaving the house around 8 am, driving an hour to school, working the massage clinic intake desk, doing my clinic hours, my classes were from 6pm to 10pm. Then I had to drive an hour home. During the course of a day, I might 2-3 massages or body treatments, reflexology, all kinds of stuff. After a particularly hard day, I drove home just fine, then my phone rang. My SO was frantically wondering where I was, as it was after midnight, and I was always home by no later that 11:15. Apparently I had pulled into the driveway, and fallen asleep in the car. Bless his heart, he came out, walked me in, helped me get undressed, and tucked me in. I spread my hours out over a longer period of time after that.
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Sometimes when I'm tired I'll put in my contact lenses then put my glasses on. Or I will have taken out my lenses earlier then try to take them out again, only to wonder why I can't feel my lenses in my eyes!
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I was reading through this thread this morning thinking "Hmm.. It's been a while since I've done something like that"... apparently I lied to myself

I woke up this morning, late of course.... and while I was taking the dogs out I saw Tryon at the door. And d'oh! I realized I slept through her vet appointment this morning. So, I think "Eh, ok I'll reschedule that". Bring dogs back in, unleash, get out Buddha's morning pills (battling an allergy) and just as I'm about to put them in his mouth I realize d'oh! I'm giving Boo's pills to Karma!

I've decided from now on, no medications before coffee.
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You know your tired when you fall asleep while you're talking on the phone...lol i've done that a few times- just kinda zoned out and went to sleep.

When you wake up in the morning, feed the cat dog food, the dog kitty litter...yeah, it was a rough morning that time lol

When you hear your alarm go off, through your cell phone across the room and go back to sleep - i do that all the time and only remember doing that after i'm really awake for a while. I've started setting a few alarms a few minutes apart and putting them in different parts of my room.

When you walk outside in your lingera to take the trash out- that was about the most humiliating thing i've ever done lol- i think Colin's entire neighborhood saw before i realized i didn't have on a robe!
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When letters start moving around in the corner of your eye as you try to read. This has happened to me before.
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These stories are so great!
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I was up all night with Deacon having an ear infection. My Dh said he would stay home with him so I wouldn't miss a day at work. I was just driving along and ran a red light because out of the corner of my eye I seen a green arrow Thank god it's not a busy intersection. Then 10 mins later I was cruising along the interstate and got off at the wrong exit. It took me 15 mins out of my way so I'm already late for work by now. I then pulled into a gas station, put my card in the pay at the pump thingy, lifted the lever and proceeded to fill an already filled gas tank (nope, not done yet) THEN I got about 2 blocks from work I forgot my card in the pay at the pump thing. I went back, retrieved my card (was still there thank god) and gave up, called work and said my son was sick I'm not coming in. On my way home I stopped at Dunkin Donuts for a coolatta. I placed my order, went to the window, paid... and drove off... I was at home before I realized it... I went to bed for the rest of the day.... Talk about a day I should have NEVER gotten out of bed!
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i've got a few..

-one time i was so tired i got in the shower with my socks on and could not figure out for the life of me why i felt funny

-a few times i have put both contacts in one eye

-i'm in color guard (flag twirling) and a couple of times i have thrown my flag up to do a toss only to forget i was doing a toss then be rudly awakened by being whacked in the head with it...

-one time at school i was so out of it that after 3rd block (only have 4 blocks a day) i went and got my backpack and started leaving school and didnt realize it until i was almost out the door.

-i think the worst time of all was when i was about 10 or so i spent the night at my cousins house. well i woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and so i walked out of the room and took a right just like i would at my house, (i guess i thought i was at my house) felt for the door, opened it and went flying down a flight of stairs...
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