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sandbox woes

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We have a covered sandbox that I use for my kids. It has a lid, and we keep it covered when its not in use. Mostly to keep the rain out, and of course any animals.

Well, this morning I was outside watering my flowers and I smelled Kitty Poop. I knew right away what it was, and I was soooo mad. I found one small pile right on the side of the closed box where there was sand out of the box and on the ground. Even after I cleaned it though I could still smell more even though I never found anything else. Obviously there is a kitty that is using my yard as their litter box. It could be one of mine, but I don't think so because they both use the litter box in the basement and its usually full each day.

Sooooo, does anyone have any good advice to keep the kitty's away, but not cause any harm to the children who use the area?? I know citrus smell usually will do it, but I don't know if the scent will last being outside, especially w/ rain. I have to have something that is 100% child safe, I have 2 small ones and I do home daycare and there are a lot of kids who frequent the sand areal.

Any other thoughts or tips would be great! Thanks.
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Thanks, I'll give it a try.
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I don't know if this is of any help... depend on your box. A friend of mine had a similar (and persistant) problem and had a screen made (mounted in a frame) that fits over the sandbox. It just lays on tp ob the sandbox, like a cover. It deters the neighbourhood cats from using it (not a single incident so far) because they no longer can dig in the sand. The only disadvantage is that she has to remove it for the kids to use the box, but she doesn't mind that as long as the kitties are bye-bye.
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The Dreaded Tum,

My box is already covered. The cats are using the area around the box where some of the sand has spilled out. I have a lid for this very reason, I knew if I had an uncovered box it would surely be used as a litter pan.

Thanks anyways though!!
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Save your orange or lemon peel and scatter it about the box - it doesn't look pretty, but it will biodegrade and is easily and cheaply replaced
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That's definately a problem. I have a very large lab in the back yard, and that keeps the kitties away from the sand box. However, I do have to make sure it's closed, or the dog will actually pee in it. My animals are so wierd...
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I don't have any advice that I can think of, but I think the lemon/orange peel thing might work. Let us know!!
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