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Originally Posted by SolarityBengals
Unfortunately it hasn't gone so well for me. I adore bengals but breeding was a whole other issue. I might get back into it when I retire but... There are many aspects of breeding it turns out I don't like. I won't get into it on here. I need to find some other way to contribute to the bengal breed without breeding though. Not to mention the heartbreak... I lost a whole litter last time, all were born alive and to watch each one die was horrible. It was 8 days to early (day 55). So far we are on day 58 and doing very well. She is due on Wednesday.

awww, i'm so sorry. hopefully things go better this time.
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my house is open plan with very few doors on the ground floor there is just the front and back door so the bedroom was my only other option. she was good last night and settled straight away but she woke me up at 5 crying so i got up with her. she had been sleeping in my room but she just wants constant cuddles lol and will cry until you pet her i think perhaps we over did the affection if thats at all possible but you just want to give them love and attention, although weve had her for only a month she was a regular visitor at nights we sleep with our balcony door open when its hot and she just walked in and jumped on my bed curled up and went to sleep. the nights our door was closed she would scratch and cry to get in. she never had a coller so i put one on with a note for her owner to let them know what she was doing at night, but the next night she was back no collar again and she never went home again after that.
sorry i waffle on:-)
should i put her in the room during the day or just at night
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i would be putting her in the room you want her to give birth in 24/7. she may not like it, but at least she wont be able to give birth in a dangerous place. i confined Icis to my large bathroom. she wasent happy, but didnt cause a problem either. now that she gave birth in there, she loves it,lol
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My Missy is not happy about being confined to one room but she doesn't try to get out when I go in anymore. I had her out last night for a few minutes and managed to get a few pictures of her belly she is so swollen. I got up this morning to check on her and the room stinks,she has loose BMs again. Could it be that I have added some kitten food to her other food(mixed it all up)? I tried a different brand then she has had before. Maybe I should go get the other kind. Or should I wait till after delivery???
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For all our AND our cats sakes, I hope this is the weekend!
Mine was in my room awhile ago, in/under a sleeping bag on the floor. She was cratching at it so I assume that she is looking for someplace to have them. She hasn't gone into the box I set up for her. She is closed out of all the rooms except the living room at this point. I had planned on her having the empty bedroom to herself but her timing is way off and the bedroom is not empty anymore!
I have read about shredded newspaper in pillow cases--maybe she might like that in her box, but how do you close the end of the pillowcase so it doesn't fall out?
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ive done the pillow case too i filled it and then put it in another pillowcase upside down. i hope its this weekend too (i think) im so nervous i just hope all goes well for all our momma s
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mine just HAS to be this weekend! she's been doing the butt licking thing and back twitchy thing for almost a week now. it Has to be this weekend...
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sending lots of positive vibe (((((((((((vibes))))))))))))
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Well, I set up the crate and put her blankets in it and...she does NOT like it at all!! She cried and cried.
She had better have these babies soon!
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well i am going threw the same, my cat is fat, and i am keep waiting and waithing, i dont know when she concieved... i wish they could talk
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when i got up this morning missys tummy was wet she was just licking all over not sure wether or not perhaps her milk is leaking but she almost looked like she has had a bath underneath lol
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