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Marcellas and his three rubber duckies!! He brought them in to swim in the pool, and they are being desecrated in a silly game! Oh, I'm shocked. What evil people to throw a rubber ducky. I hope Big Brother is willing to send in a rubber ducky doctor! Is this ridiculous? Is he serious?
Gerry was wise to try to break up a couple. Of course there's always the power or veto, which could spoil his plan.
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I am thrilled that Gerry nominated Lisa and Eric. Perfect!! I hope noone changes it, and if they do...I hope it isn't Chiara that has that power of veto, because hopefully he would put her on the block!!

I got such a kick out of Marcellas eating the chicken livers!!! I like chicken livers, and he was acting like he was eating bugs or something. Good thing he isn't on Fear Factor, he'd never make it! :laughing:
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I don't like liver much, and I've never had chicken liver, but it wasn't like eating live worms or some of the awful things on Fear Factor--or rats, like Survivor! I had a friend who considered them a delicacy, however, so they must not be that bad.
I think Marcellas is a big baby. If it was wise, I'd like to see him and Josh leave, but Gerry was smart to break up the couples.
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Jeanie, I don't like beef liver either...but chicken livers aren't too bad...they bread them and if cooked right, they are rather good.
But then, I have odd taste in food anyway, I like some things others consider gross, such as cow tounge, and Rocky Mountain Oysters...guess that is my farm upbringing showing through... :laughing: I never liked brains, though..ewwwwww.

I wish we didn't have to wait till Wednesday, it seems so far away...and if I go into labor (although I won't complain, since I am so ready) I won't get to see it. I could have my friend who watches it tape it for me, but I imagine I will have so much else on my mind, I would forget to ask!
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Debby, Set the VCR today, and ask that no one touch it! You can set it to tape Wed., Thurs., and Sat.! If you have an epidural, you can watch it while you're in labor! I'm such an addict. When I was sick with pneumonia, I couldn't get interested in anything, not even for a few minutes, but after a week, I was able to watch Survivor. That's an addiction! Then I knew I was getting well. Rembember, until you're getting very close to delivery, you'll have time between contractions with nothing to do but talk to your husband.
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
Rembember, until you're getting very close to delivery, you'll have time between contractions with nothing to do but talk to your husband.
Oh boy!! I definitely better have something else lined up to do, then.... :laughing: (hubby's not much of a talker)

That's a good idea about setting the VCR ahead of time to tape those shows. I better do that, just in case.
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Boy, did I call those nominees or what! Poor wittle Marcellas and his wittle wubber duckies! I think it is great that the guys made a game to keep away the boredom! Marcellas needs to get a grip! I wonder who will get the veto. If Roddy or Chiara get it and use it then which ever of the 2 of them that doesn't have it will be nominated in the place of the rescued person.
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I think you're right, Adrienne! Are you making fun of Marcellas' widdle wubber duckies? Oh, shame, shame! They are so afwaid of being twown thwoo the air!! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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The little duckies should be happy the are getting flying lessons. Marchellas should be happy they aren't picking him up and throwing him! Lord knows that is what I would want to do!
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:laughing2 You're funny! Of course it would be nice to see Josh flying too.......
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Do you think anyone will use the power of Veto?
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I don't know....like you said, if Roddy or Chiara get it, they would be stupid to use it, because then Gerry would most likely put up the other one of them who didn't have the power of veto, thus splitting up that couple. I can't see anyone wanting to use it either, but you never know. It will be interesting!
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Well, that was an interesting show tonight!!! I am surprised that Chiara didn't use the veto, I thought she would, because she was counting on Gerry to replace them with Josh.

I actually saw a little different side to Lisa tonight, and I must say I don't dislike her as much as I used to...she actually seemed rather nice tonight, and I felt a bit sorry for her...it seems to me like she really is falling in love with Eric, and he seems to have become more important to her than even winning the money. Maybe she's not so bad.

I also saw another side of Chiara...and it was NOT good!! I disliked her anyway...but now I REALLY can't stand her...I think she is worse than Josh in my book....did you hear how she was bad mouthing Lisa, and saying how annoying she was, and whiney, and etc etc...and how she wouldn't be friends with that type of person on the outside?
And then she turns around and is all nicey nicey to Lisa, and Lisa is saying how she knows Chiara loves them, etc...if she ONLY knew!!!
Chiara is the most two faced person there, and I can't stand her!!!!!

I don't know who will go...Lisa or Eric. What do you guys think???
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I also can't stand Chiara any more. I thought that the women planned on sticking together and that they said they would always protect each other even if their "partners" got booted. She didn't use the Veto as Gerry pretty much told her that he wouldn't get rid of Josh and she wanted Roddy still in the house.

It really looks like Eric and Lisa really care for each other. They aren't campaigning to stay in the house at the other's expense. Plus Lisa is a cat lover.
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I agree with you about Chiara. I didn't like the blatant "I have needs!" talk or her remarks about Lisa. She's really two-faced, isn't she?
I like Lisa a bit more, and think she's really fond of Eric, but I don't like the fact that she has helped ostracize Gerry, and then asked why he would nominate her! We don't know him well, but I think he has been treated unfairly by all concerned. The director has not focused on him much because he's not a member of a young, good-looking pair, or an interesting un-suspected alliance. All he did was have a bout of conscience. It just isn't right to do that to a person. But Josh? To call him a Nazi? And try to make a total fool of him? He disgusts me.
I'm glad the couples have the modesty or morals not to consummate their relationships. They may think they're serious, and they could be right, but they barely know one another.
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CRAP,CRAP,CRAP!!!! I did NOT want Chiara to win HOH!!!

I dislike her more every show!! I can't believe she stood there and told Lisa how she wished she lived in her town, and she would have a friend there....it was funny how Big Brother also showed a clip of her bad mouthing Lisa, and saying she wouldn't be the type she would want to hang out with outside the house, right after what she said to Lisa....It really pointed out how two faced she is to anyone who might have missed it the first time!! :LOL:

I am fearful she might nominate Jason and Danielle, but maybe not. Maybe she will go for Josh and Gerry. Who knows.

I am in SHOCK over the newest twist in the show!!! One of them will get to return next Thursday??!!! I wonder who, and I wonder how they will determine who it is??? I bet everyone in the house will be shocked as well to learn this!!
I hope it is not Tanya or Amy!! I have seen quite enough of Tanyas boobs, and did you hear her saying how if she got to return, she would make it really sexy there??? Whatever.
And Amy is just as annoying as ever, there in Margaritaville.

I guess of all of them, I would rather see either Lori or Eric return. I think it would be interesting to have Lori back, so that is who I am hoping it is.

What I don't understand though, is...will ALL the evicted houseguests get a chance to come back again, or just this bunch??? It seems unfair if it is only this group...
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I love the new twist! I think only these 1st 4 out will be able to get back in, but I can't really think of a fair way to pick who goes back unless it is a phone vote by America. Personally - they have had an amazing vacation at those resorts. I would love to go to the Turks and Caicos. I want Eric back in the house. I love the romance between him and Lisa - they are very sweet when they are together.

I think Chiara will nominate Gerry and Josh. She trusts Jason, so she won't boot him and Daniela is the only other woman left. We'll she on Saturday!
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I don't know how they're going to choose the houseguest who will return, but my guess is they'll use a phone vote. If so, I think the public will send back Eric, whom I really like. However, I would like to see Lorie go back. Her problem, like Gerry's, is that she spoke her mind and doesn't like back stabbing. I admire her for that. Even Lisa, whom everyone likes, treated Gerry well only when he had power. Why would Gerry want to help any of that group? We knew he was right about their motive for wanting Marcellas out. As annoying as Marcellas is, no one knew that when he was nominated. Gerry followed his conscience. This week he played the game strategically, but did nothing that wasn't true to himself.
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Well, they keep saying the four banished houseguests will "compete" to get back in the house, so I don't think it will be a phone vote. Probably a trivia contest about the remaining members, or something like that.

I think it should be totally random - just pick a number out of a hat or something, going in order of banishment, or reverse alphabetical order by middle names or something arbitrary like that. I hope Amy goes back in. I find Lori way too harsh, and she probably wouldn't survive long if she went back in. Eric wouldn't be too bad, but I am totally tired of looking at Tonya's implants - you can't notice anything else about her when they're out on display.

And boy, is Roddy po'd at Chiara for nominating him... I truly hope Josh gets bounced, but it would turn everything upside down if Roddy went out. Should be an interesting week!
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I wouldn't be surprised if Roddy did end up getting the boot...I know Danielle wouldn't mind seeing that happen...she is playing to win, and he is a threat to her!!! I guess I don't care either way...Josh's time is coming, and Roddy has to go if Jason or Danielle are to win (which is who I want to win, one or the other)

Chiara is such a fake.
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I agree re: who I want to win... In my heart of hearts, I'm going for Danielle, but Jason is the only other one I like, who also has any chance at all. I like Gerry and Marcellas somewhat, but think they will be gone before the end of it all. And Chiara is such a two-faced fake. Looking forward to Wednesday... that spoiler website I posted a while back has shut down, they were having a lot of server problems. I miss sooo much knowing what's happening, especially that loooong time between Sat and Wed.
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It does seem like a long time between Sat. and Wed. now, doesn't it? I have my vcr set to tape all 3 shows this week, so if/when Amber comes, I can go back and watch what I missed!
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OMG - I miss one show and Chiara puts up Roddy? What is with that? What happened. Someone give me the scoop please! See what happens when you go on a date with your hubby and forget to set the VCR!
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Okay, well...earlier in the show, Chiara told Roddy that she really wanted Josh out, because he was a liar, etc...and had lied to her when he told her that Lisa had said she was going after Chiara next...Chiara had confronted Lisa, and Lisa told her she didn't say any such thing.

So Chiara told Roddy she wanted to put him up with Josh, because he was the only person who would vote to keep Josh in the house...(he must have made some pact with Josh that I'm not aware of) and she told Roddy that there was no way anyone would vote him out over Josh..and this was her way of gauranteeing that Josh did not even receive one single vote to stay in.

Roddy was LESS than thrilled!!!!!! He was not happy at all!! But he didn't really try too hard to change her mind...I think he knew she had her mind made up. He did tell her he didn't like the idea of going up on the block himself, but of course, she did it anyway.
I don't think he is too happy with her.

When the keys were drawn, and the last two were him and Josh, everyone was surprised, because she had only told Roddy of her plan.

She then told Josh that she was nominating him because he lied to her about what Lisa said. Josh got this confused look on his face and looked at Lisa like he had no clue what Chiara was talking about. Roddy just sat there.

Then at the end of the show, Danielle was in the red room saying that she would really like to use this opportunity to get Roddy out of the house because he is a threat.

So...it is anybodies guess what will happen next!!!!

I hope that helps, Adrienne!!
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Adrienne, I don't think we allow fellow Big Brother addicts to leave the house Sat., Wed., or Thurs. You mentioned going out on a DT, and no one reminded you to set your VCR, so you're forgiven!! Debby has a exemption if she goes into labor, providing the VCR is set. :laughing2
You and Debby were so right about Chiara. She really is a potty mouth, and if what she says is true, she makes herself really slutty. I thought she must be kidding, but she says she's proud of being a shocking person, of fighting tradition. That's sad. Most traditions, whether moral, family, or national have lasted because they have meaning. Some tend to keep women barefoot and pregnant (not you, Debby!) and out of the professions they want, but I think it's moral traditions she's fighting. She forgets that her rights stop where her neighbors' rights begin. I wouldn't want to stay in a house with someone who constantly has to be censored! Maybe that's her strategy!! Brilliant!
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Thanks for the info! I will not leave the house tomorrow or Thursday night! Can't wait to see the fall out!
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I will at least get to see tomorrow nights show...but the VCR is set for Thursday night and Saturday night (since I have no idea when I will be home...especially if I have to have a c-section by some chance....so I set it for Saturday to be on the safe side)

Hey..maybe I can watch it Thursday night in the hospital while I am in labor???
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Good thinking. If you feel like yelling, yell at Josh!
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There ya go!!!! I'll just take it all out on him!!! :LOL:
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Well now - Lisa has seemed to have changed sides! I really think Roddy will be gone tonight even though Josh is campaigning to save him. I will admit that I have seen another side of Josh now. I still don't like him, but he wasn't as bad as I thought. Chiara has got to go! Who do you think will get back in? I hope it is Eric as Lisa will tell him what Roddy and Chiara did and new alliances will be formed!
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