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It's Thursday night. The voting is over. Do those people even know the meaning of the words "good judgment?" I am livid.
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Well - I am suprised that they didn't get rid of irritating Amy. I guess Lori got on everyone's nerves with the whole handwashing thing. I am so suprised that Roddy voted to evict her - I thought he liked her more then Amy.

I think it is great that Marcellas won the HoH competition. Who do you think he will nominate. I think it will be Josh and Eric.
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I was really disappointed. So now we have to listen to Amy's whining drawl for awhile longer.

I loved what Hardy (I think it was him) said about Tanya..(I think that's her name) (geez, I'm really on the ball this morning)...about someone taking a pin to her "falsies" LOL. And how they would get tired of her real soon.

It was nice to see the old BB2 players again!!! I always did like Hardy.

I was thrilled to see Marcellas win the HOH. I hope he makes old Josh sweat bullits and nominates him. Of course with the veto thing, someone could unnominate him.

I got a kick out of Lori's son making a target out of Josh!!!! :laughing:

As for the hand washing thing....I did agree with the majority...that was disgusting. I would not want to eat a salad he mixed with those hands!!! YUK
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I absolutely agree with you about washing your hands. It is disgusting, but many, many men and children do not realize how important it is. What Lorie was upset about was that the group was talking behind his back. The kind thing to do in a case like that is for one person to talk to him about it-in no uncertain terms. And that should be done privately. Sometimes I think men (and some women, too) think their spouse is the only one who cares about things like that, and are only nags.
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Oh I agree it was very disgusting and I won't eat anything he made unless I inspected his hands first LOL. I just think she could have approached the whole thing a little more diplomatically.
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Yeah, she "lost it," didn't she? It's a shame because she was so much nicer than Amy, who is totally narcissistic! Marcellas is really getting on my nerves with his crying and saying he is going to die in that house, he just knows it! I am no longer rooting for him. If a woman acted that way we would tell her to get over it! It's just too much.
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I agree... Marcellas is acting like a real baby....on national television no less.

So far, the only one out of the whole group that I really care for is Jason.

Hey Colby!!!! Girl, get in here and give us your views on this! You always have such good opinions on this stuff!! Where are you??
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I am so glad that Josh finally knows that he's not fooling any one. The only problem now is that someone might win veto power and take him off the hook! I don't know Tanya well, (although she's quite "up front" about certain parts of her!) but she seems to be ok. When there was no veto power, it might have been a good idea to put someone extremely well liked up against a jerk, but that can backfire now! I think Gerry's being misjudged. He might have been a bit melodramatic about it, but I think he truly felt bad that he had gone along with voting out Marcellas for prejudicial reasons.
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I don't think Gerry is prejudice either, he mentions that he has two black nephews that he obviously thinks alot of. But I think he is making maybe too big a deal out of stressing the fact that he is NOT prejudice.

I am SOOOO happy Josh is up for eviction!! HA! I hope he gets the axe!!!! I can't imagine that anyone would save him with the veto...noone really likes him...and if someone saves Tanya, I think Marcellas would choose Lisa to take her place, in which case, Josh will still be out on his butt.
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I couldn't believe that through out the entire show, when Marcelles was talking about who he was and wasn't going to evict, it was never said once 'well Gerry saved me last week, I can't put him up'. Not one mention of it, like it never happened. No loyalty, no consideration, no benefit of the doubt. NOTHING. I would have lost my mind if Gerry had been nominated. Not that I love the guy, but he saved the HOH from eviction last week.
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I agree completely! I don't understand these people. Roddy gave Lori his word, which meant nothing. There's a lot of money involved, but Gerry (although you're right; he's wearing his good deed on his shoulder) said it best when he quoted the Bible, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" Play the game, but be true to yourself.
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I am really into BB3, and am an insanely impatient person, so every morning I check out the BigBrotherNation website. People there have the live feed and they post what happens within a few hours of it happening. For example, I knew the results of the brownie house weigh-in challenge on Friday afternoon, so I was watching carefully to see Josh cheat on Saturday night. It takes some of the suspense out of it, but that is OK for me. If you like the suspense of the TV show, stay away from this website. It also has little tidbits of news that they don't put on the show, like the fact that Tonya suspects one of her implants might be leaking...

The site is www.bigbrothernation.com.

On a personal opinion note, I am pleasantly surprised that Amy has improved so much in the past week or so, she's actually tolerable now. And I'm constantly amused when Josh makes predictions about how people will act, and then he's totally wrong. He thinks he's so sneaky, but you can read his face like a book when he's stressed.
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Thanks for the link!! I can't decide if i want to go there now, or not, though....I really like the eliment of surprise, but yet, like you, I am rather impatient!!
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I am also pleased that Amy has improved. She is becoming easier to watch now. I was suprised that Josh kept his word to Lori, but Roddy didn't, but I still hope that Josh gets tossed this week! I like the relationship developing between Roddy and Chiara - it is sweet. What type of exercise equipment do you think they are going to get if the win this weeks luxery competition?
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For some reason I don't care for Chiara...not sure why...she seems fake to me, but I don't know...it's just a "feeling" I get when i see her.

The previews for tomorrow night look pretty good....what's up with the girls in the shower, though???

My one pet peeve so far with the show, that really irritates me, is how they constantly have to show those women running around half naked. Like the little swimsuit contest, where they used the peanut butter and flowers....very poor taste in my opinion. I suppose all the men watching the show think that is pretty cool, and so maybe it helps ratings, but I get tired of hearing, "Please put on your bathing suits" everytime they have a competition. But maybe it is because my belly is the size of a house right now, and maybe that is why I am sick of seeing all their flat ones!! :laughing:
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Well. I wonder who will go....Josh or Tanya. I'm glad Danielle didn't use her power of veto to save Josh....but I have a strange feeling Josh might not be evicted. I hope I am wrong.

Amy really disgusted me tonight, even though I don't care for Chiara, Amy's little speal about how she feels like she is better than some of the others, and wouldn't associate with the likes of them in "real" life, and hitting on Roddy, etc...was a little more than I could stomach. She must think she is some kind of a princess.
I think Roddy was enjoying the tension, and trying to stir up some jealousy. I can't stand him. I'm sure he was asking Amy to get naked so they could spin her around, or whatever, I know he was joking...but I thought it was poor taste, when he is supposedly head over heels with Chiara.
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Amy believes a man is "free game" unless he has a ring on his finger. She believes she is better than Chiarra; yet she's going after the same thing! I don't think Roddy and Chiarra should be sleeping together, but isn't that what Amy now wants? So how can she possible be morally superior? What other kind of superior could she mean? Financially superior? Superior in class? Taller? I'm really reaching for reasons here. ---beauty contest superior? better gossip? better at knifing acquaintances in the back ?....etc., etc., etc.
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Amy is a little slime wench (that is a term I came up with because I don't like to swear). Marcellas is really getting on my nerves! Then again so are Gerry, Josh, Roddy and Daniella. The only people not really getting on my nerves are Eric and Jason. What is with Marcellas and his obsession with germs? If you are so afraid of germs why are you there? Amy and Chiara both need to either grow up or fight it out!
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Slime wench!! That sounds really bad! I like it! I like guttersnipe, too! :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
Seriously, I like Jason because he has the courage of his convictions, and I'm beginning to like Gerry because he remembered his. Lori was my favorite female guest, but she got on everyone's bad side when she lost her temper. Too bad.
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Boy Tanya was surprised tonight! Can't say I will miss her, but actually I liked her better than most of those women. The only one I can stand is Danielle right now.

Wonder who Roddy will nominate. Not Amy or Chiara I'm sure.

I was hoping Josh would go tonight. Oh well....I'm sure it won't be long, now.
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I agree, Debby. Tanya seemed pretty decent to me; they didn't show as much of her as the others, just put a lot of emphasis on her plastic surgery! Why they chose to evict her instead of Josh is beyond me. He's such a worm.
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I was suprised how strongly Roddy felt about getting Amy out of the house. It may backfire and they may toss out Marcellas. Either way they both irritate me!

What is with Eric and the talking in his sleep - that is hilarious! He and Lisa make an interesting couple!
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He is funny, isn't he? I guess he's dreaming out loud. I think he and Lisa are a nice couple, but I really don't think they should be sleeping together. If they haven't consumated a relationship, it's bound to happen, and they barely know each other. Of course, I believe, as Justin does, that we should wait until marriage, but to sleep with someone after just meeting them takes the meaning out of "making love."
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I was really surprised also that Roddy put Amy up!!! I mean here he had been flirting with her and everything, I didn't figure he'd want her out! I am glad though...I really want to see her go!

Eric talking in his sleep is so funny!!!
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That Amy sure is a snob! I think I would volunteer to get kicked out if I were a member of the house just to get away from her! I am not suprised that Eric didn't use the Veto. I like the Jason/Daniela alliance. No one knows about it yet, but he will be a target when it comes to light as everyone trusts him!
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Isn't it great that the two nicest people in the house have everyone fooled? I love it! No one has remarked on the fact that Marcellas has a crush on Roddy. He must have been crushed when Roddy, of all people, nominated him. Well, anyone who thinks Amy is so great deserves to leave. I want to change the rules and vote them both out--early! I can't believe she knows how conceited she is and doesn't realize it's wrong.
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Danielle and Jason are my favorites. I don't like Amy, but she does have a point about Chiara....she is acting very slutty...talking about her threesomes, and all the other sordid details of her sex life....and she has streaked naked HOW many times??? Decent people just don't do things like that in my opinion...streaking naked that is...as far as the other aspects of her sex life, what people do behind closed doors is fine with me, that is their business, but she seems to like to make it everybody else's business. That really turned me off.
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Debby - Chiara mentioned after that she was exaggerating all of those stories.

Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooo! Amy is gone!

It is really going to get interesting with Gerry as the HoH. I think that the couples are now on the chopping block. If Gerry keeps his word to Roddy, then he won't nominate Roddy. I think he will nominate Eric and Lisa.
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I think you're right; if they can tolerate Josh for a while, they said it would be better strategy to put up a couple. That way they break up the power. I'm so glad Jason and Danielle have not been found out. I'm awfully tired of Marsellas' whining and Josh in general though! Bye, bye, Amy!! Go be a princess where someone appreciates them!! I'm so sad you're gone!!NOT !
I agree that Chiara is talking like a slut, and you know I don't think it's right to sleep with a man unless you're married, but I think she was kidding. I might tease with a very good friend like that, but never in front of a man and never about threesomes! I tell Rhea I'm going to get a snake tattoo to go with my leather motorcycle jacket so that I can go cruise guys! That's our joke, because I am just the opposite! I'm fun, but I'm such a prude! I think (I hope) that's what Chiara's doing. Otherwise? eewwww......
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Well even if Chiara is joking about all that stuff...since noone knows for sure, and it is national television, I think it's kind of in poor taste. But I just don't care for her at all.

I was so glad that Gerry won HOH. Not because I particulary like him all that much, but because I think he will make those 2 couples very nervous, and hopefully nominate two of them!!!

I really want either Jason or Danielle to win at this point.
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