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I think who gets to the final two all depends on who wins HOH tonight. I think if Jason does, he will take Dani with him, but if SHE does......I'm not sure her loyalty will exptend that far.

Lisa has really grown on me!!!!!! I really like her now!!!!!!! I hope it is her and Jason in the final two....but yet...I want Jason to win, so he is better of with Amy in the final two.
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Well, I was suprised he booted Amy out, but they did give their word to Lisa that she would be part of the final 3. I just love the HoH challenge they are in the middle of! I can't wait until Saturday to see who survives the Storm. Lisa really wants it! I really hope she wins the whole thing!
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I was surprised he booted Amy too. I would have thought it would have been Lisa. I am still hoping and praying that Lisa wins HOH and takes Jason w/ her. Either one of them deserves the money in my opinion.
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Just a side-note.... I'm sure I'm gonna get hate mail......

The first season of this show BLEW!!!

Why did they bother to bring it back (I think it STILL sucks)
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I'm sure they wouldn't have brought it back if there wasn't an audience for it.

I don't think anyone here would send you hate mail as you said, but if you don't like the show then don't watch it. Nobody is forcing you to watch it I am sure. Everyone has their their own idea as to what is a good show, obviously you don't like BB3, but you may like something that others think is stupid. Its all a matter of personal preference.
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Originally posted by Lhezzza
Just a side-note.... I'm sure I'm gonna get hate mail......

The first season of this show BLEW!!!

Why did they bother to bring it back (I think it STILL sucks)
I personally enjoy it...I find it rather entertaining. But like Daniela said, everyone is entitled to their opinion, but you know, I hate golf too, for example, but I don't think I'd go to the golf thread (if there was one :laughing: ) and say how bad I thought it sucked!!! But, you ARE entitled to your opinion!
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Jason is out!!!!

But I kinda figured that would happen. At least Danielle was honost with him about the deal she made with Lisa, so at least he was pretty much expecting it. He is such a great guy!!!

I want Lisa to win now. She has been the less coniving of the two of them. But I don't know...there are several people who I know will vote for Danielle, so I'm not sure who will win.
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I really want Daniele not to get that money! She doesn't deserve it with all of the back stabbing she was doing, but getting Jason to do the dirty work! I think that Lisa deserves it much more! 1 more show to go!
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I'm with you Ady!!!! Lisa all the way, although I think the runner up still gets 50G doesn't she?? UGH...Danielle is getting money no matter what then!!
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Yep, she will at least get the 50,000 but hopefully that's all.
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I couldn't be happier with the outcome!!!!

Take that Danielle! No votes except for Jason!!
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I wish Jason would have won, and I'm sorry Danielle lost for reasons everyone knows and disagrees with. She didn't pull "dirty tricks." She played a good game, and Jason went along with everything she did. This is not real life; it's a game of Monopoly where you never land on a friend's property and not pay rent. Danielle dragged Jason and Lisa with her.

Lisa won because of her very gracious and generous gesture. She is a kind person, but lacks good judgment in her life style. She's too sweet a person to have made some of the decisions she made. That is the lifestyle of today; it's just not the lifestyle the Bible teaches. The words fidelity, purity, wholesome are now "out of it"- but not in my book. It was a good show, though, and we all had our favorites. Go ahead and throw things; I'm not ducking.
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I respectfully disagree, Jeanie...but I wouldn't throw anything at you....

I don't think Danielle "drug" Lisa along with her. Lisa played the game quite well in my opinion. This is coming from me...a person who in the beginning did not care for Lisa at all...but by the end I had seen her true colors and she is someone I would really be proud to call my friend...unlike Danielle. I don't think I would ever be able to trust Danielle. Yes, it was a game.....but it is good to see that someone with a few ethics and morals actually won the game...and DIDN'T win it by stepping all over everyone else. She was fair and honest. She, if you remember was the only one to turn down the money for the phone call, because she didn't want to get it at the expense of everyone else in the house.

As far as her "lifestyle" what did she do wrong? She slept in the same bed with him. But they didn't actually have sex. I see nothing wrong with anything she did.

Jeanie, you know I love you and respect you and your opinion, so I hope I don't offend you by giving mine.
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I wholeheartedly agree Debby, it was sooooo refreshing to see someone win with out lying to almost every single person in the house and throwing all ethics out the window. They didn't vote for Danielle because of her arrogance in the diary room. The way she mocked them behind their backs and tore them down. Most everyone there said they liked her until they left the house and saw the diary tapes. If she had simply been duplicitous and then seemed contrite about having to sink so low in the diary room, she would have won. It was the pleasure she took in decieving everyone that cost her the game.

I'm not going to judge Lisas morals because it's not my place to do so. I will say as far as having a friend, I'll take someone like Lisa over Danielle any day of the week. I don't judge my friends and what they do behind closed doors, but I do need to be able to trust and respect them. And the respect part doesn't come from what they do when the lights are out, but how they treat others.
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I think Lisa played a good clean game. It shows that you don't have to comprimise your ethics to come in 1st! I am glad, however, that Jason stuck with Daniele and gave her a vote in the end!
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I would have been pleased with either outcome. Those two just played the game two different ways. However, given who was voting, I'm not surprised Lisa won. There were several people who had their noses out of joint in response to Danielle's (rather accurate, IMHO) negative personality assessments (ie. Tonya, Roddy), while others were just being drama queens (Marcellas, Chiara). Most everyone voted with their emotions, so of course Lisa would win.

Danielle played hard, and Lisa played soft and in my opinion had some luck on her side. They both got to the finals, so both did well. Both accomplished everything they could within the house. It's almost a shame that the evicted people get to see the tapes - it takes certain legal (within the game) tactics out of the running. But Danielle knew that, so I guess it was her mistake. I agree with Jeanie re: the Monopoly analogy. You have to play the game. Danielle is a different person than Lisa, and neither one of them would have gotten to the finals if Danielle had played soft and Lisa had played hard. They each went with their strengths, and the final vote was a crapshoot based on the voters' personalities. Will won last year, but Lisa won this year. Switch juries, and I bet the outcomes would have been different...
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I agree that Lisa was kind and ethical, but she had no plan. I believe she won because of the phone call sacrifice. I am not disagreeing with her. I refuse to lie, so I would have played the same way, and I would have lost. She had no strategy, nor would I. I tend to trust everyone until they walk all over me.

I would have needed a dynamic personality like Danielle to come up with a plan. I think Danielle was truly sad that the game involved voting out and plotting against friends. I let people land on my "Boardwalk with hotels," and give them a chance to earn the money on the next turn too. That's why Lisa and I would both have lost.

I like Lisa, but your body is private. I know they were not having sex, but they were not playing Tiddely Winks under the covers either. Yes, my husband and I necked; we had a rough time resisting temptation, but I didn't hop in bed with two men in two nights. That's my problem with the accepted morality. It's situational ethics, and hedonistic. I know this is perfectly acceptable in the world, but we're supposed to be in the world, but not OF it. I'm not naive about what's going on; I just reject it. I have enough sins as it is. Out of curiosity, why did we all love Jason? Wasn't it in part because on his purity? The goodness shone from his eyes. I wish I could be that kind and pure.
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I will sure miss Jason. *sigh* He will make some woman very lucky some day....he will treat her right I have no doubt. He is the kind of man I hope my daughter marries someday...looks, brains AND a heart!!
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I totally agree! He's an angel. I was hoping he and Danielle had planned to split the money. I wouldn't be surprised. I think they were genuinely fond of one another. I think she's a good person on the outside, and Jason's the same dollbaby everywhere! Maybe I could adopt him!
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NO WAY was Danielle going to split the money with him. She was in it to win it and was going to take the entire half a mil home to the family, of that I have no doubt.
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I agree!
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I expected that would happen. This is the only thread on which I have ever mentioned the Bible. I'm sorry you're sick of it, but I am not ashamed of my Christianity, as you are not ashamed of your atheism or agnosticism. Lying is a sin, of course. Have you ever bluffed playing cards? Is that all right? If I were playing poker and wanted to win I would bluff. There's a difference. I'm
sorry I have
bored you, but I thought we were allowed to express our opinions here. At least that's what you said a couple of weeks ago. I love young people, and hate to see them spoil their lives and forget morality. If morality is such a preachy thing, I guess we can't mention lying either. You can't have it both ways. Are you swearing at me, Daniela? I thought we were friends.
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Boy Jeanie, I didn't in any way mean for you to take it the way you did. I am glad you are proud of your Christianity, good for you. And I think its great you say your opinions here.

I guess I was just referring to the numerous mentions you have about the bible, premarriage sex, and sin. It seems to me like you made your point in the first post, but you continue to mention it. And I think that a lot of people here feel the same way I do, although may not be as brave to post it.

But in good faith, I'll go ahead and delete my post that so offended you. No hard feelings.

By the way, you ask if I was swearing at you?? Where did I swear?? Did I miss something??
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You deleted the post, Daniela, so it's hard to duplicate it by memory. It was something like this: I'm so *******tired of hearing you *******talk about premarital sex. (We usually use asterisks to indicate swearing.) That's not exact, but close. By my count I mentioned the Bible once. Now, that's twice, once more than you. Would you like me to delete the words God bless in my posts to you? I'm not here to offend; nor will I be ashamed.
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My" *** "were just to "highlight" my words of sex before marriage. I didn't feel like using quotations since I used them so much so I used stars instead. I guess you misread it.

Either way, I took the post out since it upset you so much.

I was not swearing at you, by no means at all.
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Jeanie, I would much rather do this in PM's than on the boards.

So lets call a truce here and if we have something to discuss we can do it privately, ok??

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