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Adrienne, You're so right. The world doesn't appreciate honesty, loyalty, or morality. These are things we are suppose to espouse, and discuss in church, but then live in "the real world." They are especially not appreciated in the business world. I have been an idealist my whole life. The only advantage (on this earth) of living your religion is that you can look at yourself in the mirror, and know that "to thine ownself" you have been true. But who, among all the guests in that house, has inner joy written all over his face? Jason. I hope he wins!!
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I really hopes that Roddy appreciates the huge sacrifice Jason has made for friendship. The more I see of Jason the more I admire and like him!

Jeanie - I really agree with what you wrote! Well said!
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I agree...well said Jeanie!!! And very true!!

The show starts here in 10 minutes!!! Gotta hurry and get offline so I can watch it soon!
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I have to tell you guys this.

On saturday, for the first time in I don't know how long, I got to hog the TV!!! My boys were in their rooms playing on the computer and lo and behold, instead of the usual Digimon/Pokemon, Blue's Clue's etc....I was able to watch 15 minutes of Big Brother 3.

I just have one thing to say: Jason........OMG! What a cutie! Is this what I've been missing????

I haven't been following the show other than through you guys. He definately is worth tuning in for!

School starts next week, which means earlier bedtimes, which means....I may finally get the TV. Pretty sad when I let a 7 year old and a 4 year old tell me what shows I'm allowed to watch! :LOL:
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Ghys....maybe you will be able to watch the Survivor series when it starts...which is I believe Sept 19th. Have you ever watched it before? I think you would like it!

Yes..Jason is adorable isn't he???
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Hey G, I am in the same predicament! I have a 6 and 2.5 year old, and they would prefer Sponge Bob and Blues Clues to BB3 or Survivor. BUT, I am such a **mean** mommy that from 8-10 the TV is mine, and if they are awake they have to watch their shows in their rooms. Normally bedtime is at 8, so this isn't a problem, but during the summer when is light out later we've had to negotiate. And mom always wins!!:tounge2:
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Dear Ghyslaine, I am an expert on the Mother's Manual. On page 6, paragraph 3, it is stated quite clearly that the tv belongs to Mothers without question at 8:00 p.m. On other pages and paragraphs you will find that you are required to ask teenagers "Where have you been and with whom?" "What are your intentions towards my daughter?" and --in fact any question you want to ask or answer. I still use the Mother's Manual. The nice part is that you author your own as you go along, and you can put anything on any page, any paragraph. I highly recommend that you use yours frequently! A little bit of humor goes a long way when raising kids.
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Hey Jeanie - are you going to send a copy of that manual to Debby?

I am not suprised that Jason did not use the power of Veto. What was with Roddy's little gnome - it was scary. Marcellas needs to get a life if he thinks that he is way cute. Who do you think is out this week - this is a close one. I think Gerry is gone, but I really don't know. It is very important that Daniela or Lisa win HoH tonight or Daniela might be gone and then Jason loses his strongest supporter.
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I'm not terrible surprised either, although he knows that Roddy is not a friend to Danielle.

Manipulation !!

You know, we didn't know about Amy's drinking, until she came back from "exile." We are being manipulated by the show's director as much as the house is being manipulated by Roddy. They can shape our opinions any way they want. For example, not until a week ago did we ever hear Danielle cry in her beer about how much she needed the money for her family. Yet, we all fell for the director's trick. Guaranteed---everyone on that show has said it's important to win for the sake of their families. Don't you? Don't I?

Very few positive aspects of Gerry have been shown. Although his lack of hand washing is disgusting, it has been proved that most men do not wash their hands after using a public restroom; most women do. I saw a feature on TLC or Discovery on that subject a couple of years ago. Come on TCS guys, tell us why that is, please!! We'll keep your identity a secret-honest...

Roddy's gnome is monstrous looking, isn't it? But the act Marcellas and Roddy put on for the camera was cute.

Debby, about the mother's manual...On page 22, paragraph 6,...
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I totally agree we are being manipulated by the directors. How about when everybody "suddenly" decided to evict Josh instead of Roddy? There must have been some pretty big things they didn't show us...

And, as everyone said on the show last night, Roddy does have some sort of power over everyone - Jason didn't use his veto! I was stunned! I have no idea who will go tonight. If pressed, I would predict Gerry, but Amy is just as likely a candidate in my opinion. Both have strikes against them, and there's only 4 people voting. We could have another tie-breaker... who would Jason choose?
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I'm actually going to miss Gerry a little bit. Too bad it wasn't Amy!!

Loved seeing Jason's family talk about him...I sure do like that guy!!! I hope he wins!!!!!!!!!!!
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It should be interesting with Marcellas this week. Don't forget he made a pact with Roddy by the pool the week Roddy was up against Chiara. If he sticks with that then he will nominate Daniele and either Lisa or Jason, as he won't get rid of Amy. I am glad Roddy didn't win!
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I don't think Marcellas' word is worth much. He couldn't stand Gerry, and if it hadn't been for him, Marcellas would have been out the first week. That's not what I call loyalty. Of course, he annoys me any way. He's either crying about something or admiring himself. The only person I think is safe is Amy.

I still want Danielle and Jason to be the last two, and I would be happy for either of them. Danielle needs the money more because she has kids, and Jason is a truly good person who deserves all the breaks possible.
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I think if Jason wins he will give alot to charity - he just seems like that kind of guy.
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I have a really bad feeling that Jason is going to be one of the people Marcellas nominates. I just hope he doesn't get the votes, or that someone will veto him.
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Well, tonight was good!!!! Even though I don't care for Amy, I think the guilt trip Roddy is laying on her is just awful!!!

What did he expect???? Why would she save him with the veto, when he could not promise her he would vote to keep her in the house if Marcellas put Lisa up against her. I mean, who in their right mind would save him if they thought there was a chance he would vote them out!!!!
I thought it was pretty big of her not to veto herself, actually. I thought she might. But i think she knows that if she leaves things the same, Roddy will be going, not her.

I think Roddy will be walking out that door tomorrow night. I have no doubt, and I think he knows it!!!!
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I didn't realize just how self-absorbed Roddy was. Imagine making her cry for refusing to do what he admitted he probably wouldn't do for her! And it worked! She felt terrible.

I think Amy has some problems-a bit too much of the bottle and a bit too self-centered. I don't like Amy, but I think there was no reason for Marcellas to humiliate her as he did. It's not his business to "teach her lessons," especially since he has so much to learn himself--how not to act like a big baby, how to stop admiring himself in the mirror, how to learn that he's just an average human being who's behavior is as bad as Amy's--in a different way.
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She can't veto herself... or she probably would have. I would have, if I were her and the rules allowed it.

Roddy is soooo manipulative! I hope he gets booted tonight...
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Jeanie:You are so right about what has been done to Amy. I couldn't believe that she was in their crying for his forgiveness. Who is he to judge Amy? And he talks about how Chiara turned against Lisa, how about how he has turned against Amy. I think that this wasn't just him trying to teach her a lesson.

I also thought that it was downright mean what Roddy did to Amy. He wanted to just mess with her mind. She is clearly very fragile and has a low self esteem. She can't stand the thought of someone not liking her, either Marcellas or Roddy.

If Roddy goes this week, I hope that Marcellas goes next week.
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I'm with you on that one, Sparkle! Let's get them!
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I didn't realize they couldn't veto themselves. Well that explains it then. And Sparkle, I think you are right...I think Amy has very low self esteem, and I think that is why she drinks so much...I think she has alot of inner conflict and is really hurting inside.

I was glad to see Roddy go. I liked him, but yet, he had to go to make room for Jason to win!!!

Oh I hope Jason DOES win!!!!! I am THRILLED he won HOH tonight!!! I wish he would nominate Danielle, but that will never happen. I used to really like her, but she has just gotten on my nerves with the way she is so sure she will win, and she is just out for blood to do it. When the time comes she will turn on Jason too...I really believe that, because I don't think anything is more important to her than that money. Granted it is a game, and that's ALOT of money...but that is ALL she cares about in my opinion, and noone will stand in her way. That's why i want to see her go, because I really want Jason to win, and I don't think she will let him make it to the last two with her, because she knows too many people like him. I think she will wait till it's down to the last three, then get rid of him so she is up against someone not so well liked. What do you guys think????

I think Jason my put up Lisa against someone, but who knows. I'm not sure who he will put up.

And now we have to wait a whole week for another show!!!! Why couldn't they have had it on a different night instead of making us wait a week?
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I think we might need to form a support group. No Big Brother for a week? How dare they? Last week the Steelers played an exhibition game and pre-empted Big Brother. I had to stay up until 11 p.m. when it was aired on UPN. It's bad enough to have football pre-empt other programs, but an EXHIBITION GAME, WHICH MEANS NOTHING BUT GLORIFIED PRACTICE? There ought to be a law!
Debby, I still want Jason to be first, but I still like Daniela. I can't forget that Lisa, as pleasant as she is, was sleeping with a man she barely knew. They might not have had sex, but they weren't telling bedtime stories either. Also, I would prefer a wife and mother to come in second than a bartender. I'm a prude, I know. That's not a profession I would hope my daughters would aspire to. They were both waitresses before college, but it was a family restaurant.
I hope Marcellas goes next! Roddy had to go for Jason to win, and it was not ethical to flirt with Marcellas and Amy and then get her so upset. (I don't like her, but fair's fair.)
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I really cannot stand Danielle. She is soooo annoying to me, and she is out for blood no matter who's toes she has to step on. I mean, have some integrity, I know its a game, but c'mon. And she seems to be obsessed about "needing the cash". Like she'll die if she doesn't win.

I hope in the end either Lisa or Jason take the cash. I think Jason is a genuine person and deserves it, but if I had to pick someone else, Lisa I guess would be my choice. I sure as heck like her better than Danielle right now ( Sorry Jeanie, I know you just posted how she slept with someone w/o knowing them, but that doesn't really bother me too much. I guess its cause I am young myself. And there is nothing wrong with being a bartender, it pays the bills and she could be doing something a lot worse in my opinion. )

Anyway, that is what I see or hope will happen.
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Daniela, It's not always age that forms opinions. There were quite a few young people sleeping together when I was in my twenties, but more people went to church and the pastors were not afraid of the word "sin." I've been a church musician for quite a few years, and seldom hear the word. I have not heard a pastor tell the congregation that fornication is a sin for years, because they are afraid to lose the youth of the church. That's a sad commentary on today's ministers, but it's true of the churches for which I have worked. My pastor tells me he teaches the confirmation classes this, but the kids think "grace" covers anything.

As for the bartender thing, I admit this is a personal prejudice. Someone I love very much is in danger of losing a family because of alcoholism.
As for Danielle, I think the producers showed those couple of clips about her being needy to manipulate opinion. She is crafty, but she is protecting Jason, and I think she has a good heart.

Good grief! I got a bit serious there, didn't I? Sorry, but I feel strongly about Christian morality. It's easy to call yourself a Christian; it's much harder to live the life. The bravest kids are the ones who can hold their heads up and say, "I'm going to Sunday School," or "I'm a Boy Scout." It's not cool to lead a moral life.
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Jeanie, I don't think you are being too serious in the least. You have an opinion and you are entitled to voice it.

I am not a religious person, never have been. I don't believe in church, or organized religion, and I don't practice it. I am spiritual though.

As far as the bartending thing, well just because you tend bar doesn't mean you are an alcoholic or are making others one. My hubby and I will go out for an occasional drink ( when we can find a sitter that it ), and I don't look badly upon who ever serves us. And I have alcoholism on my in laws side of the family, so I am familiar with that as well.

I guess we just have differing opinions on these matters, but thats ok. Thats what makes this world interesting.
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At this point the only ones I'd like to see win are either Jason or Lisa. I can't stand Danielle. What was up with her rant in the diary room about Roddy being satan? As far as I can tell the only thing he's done wrong is being her biggest competitior. She's threatened by him, pure and simple but I don't think that makes him lucifer, which has become her battle cry. Roddy hasn't played the game anymore deviously than D, Marc, or anyone else in that house. She's been more devious about her alliance with Jason than anything Roddy has done. Marc humiliated his supposed best friend in the house in front of all of america, made fun of jerry maliciously behind his back after jerry saved him from eviction and Roddy's the devil? It bugs me that she gets on these rants where she compares him repeatedly to lucifer. I'd like to see her go next but that isn't going to happen.

I didn't like Lisa much initially, but she's grown on me. If there is any alcoholic in the house, it's Amy, not Lisa. I've got friends that bartender and none of them are alcoholics. You can make good money if you're friendly. It's respectable job that pays well if you don't want to work in a tradional work environment and pull 9-5ers. My step sister owns a bar, and neither her nor her husband abuse alcohol.

Now Amy, she's got a problem with the booze.
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Colby, exactly on about Danielle! I can't believe she was comparing Roddy to Satan and Lucifer. Its a game for christmas sake! And she has been just as deceptive and devious, I remember when Roddy asked her about how she felt about him, and she looked him square in the eye and lied! She said she hadn't said any of those things! But then the next scene she is ranting and raving about how he is a liar yadda yadda yadda. Jeesh, give me a break!!

I liked Roddy but now that he's gone I guess its too late to defend him! So, GO JASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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If Jason can't win, then I don't want Danielle to. I would take anyone over her, and that's saying a lot because I don't think Marc or Amy deserve it.
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I have to defend Danielle! I think the Lucifer, Satan thing is a joke! Has no one noticed the twinkle in her eye when she says it? I think she sees him as Machiavellian in his behavior, and he is! He's also intelligent and charming. He escaped leaving almost miraculously, magically. Of course it was because his friends changed their minds, but he certainly had the luck of the Irish!

Lisa? I like her. I just hope she aspires to a different career. I had a much loved uncle who was a bartender. Any honest work is honorable, but is that the hope you have for your children? Especially the extremely gifted ones? She's young enough to aspire to almost any career, and judging her intelligence by the way she speaks and her general demeanor (which is what most of us do), I don't think she has to spend the rest of her life on her feet fending off customers who have had one too many and think waitresses and bartenders are theirs for the asking.

There are honorable and dishonorable bartenders. The relative I told you about, who may lose his wife and children, got served with no questions asked at every bar he entered--between here and Pittsburgh --from age 16 on because he was tall.

Go Jason, and if not, let Danielle's kids have a good life or Lisa to to college. (and stay out of men's beds!)
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Well, in Lisa's defense (and I must admit she has grown on me as well)....she might have been in the same bed with another man....but she didn't actually do the deed so to speak, with him. Sleeping in a bed with a man and "sleeping" with him are two different things. As for her job....bartender....well, not much more glamorous than mine...factory worker. Would hate to be judged by that.

I agree with Daniela and Colby about Danielle.....I do not want her to win. I am not sure why...but she is rubbing me the wrong way.
She seems so desperate.

I really want Jason to win. But if not him....I would rather see Lisa win it than any of the others that are still there.
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