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Does he look like a Ragdoll?

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I know that since I adopted him from a shelter, Odo will always officially be known as a domestic longhair seal point cat, but I'm curious as to whether he looks like a ragdoll. The coloring matches the mitted seal point, but I'm mostly curious about his face shape. I figure if he looks enough like a ragdoll, I can use the term in his microchip description in case he ever slips out of my apartment. I adopted him a couple of months ago at age 11. Even he if he is a purebred (which I'd never know), he's definitely not a show cat, as he has crossed eyes and a kink in his tail.

Here are a couple of pictures of him:

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Doesn't look like any ragdoll that I know of - muzzle is too square looking. But he's a handsome seal point longhair.
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Hes certainly a handsome boy!
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His patterning is that of a seal mitted Ragdoll. His body structure and face as Goldenkitty isn't standard for a Ragdoll. I would think for microchip purposes stating he is a Seal mitted Ragdoll mix would be appropriate.
Bless you for adopting what some would consider a senior cat, but I bet he has many more years ahead of him. He is very handsome indeed, whether he has any Ragdoll genetics or not.
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wow beautiful cat! I have never seen a domestic long hair with a seal point color
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Thank you all. I still can't believe he was brought into the high-kill shelter as a stray and made it out alive (he was transferred to a no-kill shelter in the area). The shelters thought he was 6 years old and a chocolate siamese mix. He's almost double the 6 years and he seems way too dark to be a chocolate point.
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I agree with the chocolate point - way too dark. Chocolate should be milk chocolate and body coat would be lighter too. They might be calling the body coat more of a chocolate color - but definately a seal point.

Fur texture would tell you more if the cat has Ragdoll in the background - the coat would be more silky and not matt up. If its more of a himi or persian coat, it would matt more often and have a double coat.
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He doesn't seem to mat (he's only been with me since June), so the coat type does seem to be a single coat.
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You can tell if he's single or double coat by feel.
A double coat is thick and luxurious, a single coat is very fine and fluffy.

You can also look.
The undercoat is typically shorter while the upper coat (guard hairs) are long.

He's a very gorgeous guy though, I absolutely love his head shape and muzzle, and especially that white chin.

Chausiefan:When I get my new camera, I'll be posting some new pics in fur pictures, my Ivory is a seal point DLH, with a single coat.
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