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Sweet Maia

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Many of you remember i took in Maia last year she needed some work. well this is her now. aint she lovely.
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I'm sorry i haven't seen her 'before' pictures ,but she is gorgeous now
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I think she is just a cutey petutey. Yay for her good and improved health. You've done wonders with her.

I'm so proud of you!
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thanks she is a beauty and so healthy and playfull now. We love da maia Maia and yes she preffers to be called, Maia, Maia lol
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What a pretty lady!

She has a neat face!
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Maia Maia is such a sweet little girl, she is looking so much better.
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thanks everyone as i type Miss Maia, Maia is sitting here purring. she likes compliments
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