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Baby Pictures

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Finally..not the best cause they wouldnt sit still, LOL

Lylas Bunch:



and Mark mr dont take a picture of me.
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they are soo cute!!
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Laces Bunch:




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And the babie, babies,

Lillys bunch

Unnamed Boy:

Unnamed Boy:

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Awww, everyone is so adorable. I bet you are in baby heaven right now. Each picture is cuter than the last. I think I am a little smitten with Mimi though.
Thank you for taking the time to post pictures of those growing babies. Our Fab Five turned 5 weeks old today and are all doing really well. We had our first chocolate pointed kittens at FTR's ever, and we are excited about that.
Please keep us updated on the babies.
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aww congrats on the chocolate points. they are little sweeties :d and i will take more pics as soon as i can. Little Mimi has a new home and so does roger. so happy.
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What cuties! Thanks for sharing...they are just lovely!
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Awwwwww cute babies!!!!
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thanks everyone i think they are cute too
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I am so in love with them they are the cutest!
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Roger, Collins, and Mimi look the best out of the group for showing - from what I can tell. Do you agree?

Possibly Mimi (calico at the bottom) - didn't see her before.

What's your opinion on show quality?
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Mara will be show quality IMO and i plan on showing her as we are keeping her (the tortie at the bottom)

I agree that Roger, Collins and Mimi are show quality.

Roger is gonna go to a pet home. But his new owner is one of my best friends, and i think i can get her to show him as an alter Mimi is going to a breeding home and i think she will be shown and collins well hes up in the air for a home yet lol

i think if i can getr a better photo of Mark it would show his quality better, hes very very similar to roger. slightly more doll face, which goes against show grains but what i am looking for
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i love the faces
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