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Empty inkjet cartridges?

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Please forgive if this duplicates a prior posting. I could not find anything on it by using "Search."

$2 for each empty inkjet cartridge is donated to PetsMart Charities to support their lifesaving work, according to a little plastic bag I received today along with our bimonthly restocking of Royal Canin for our furbabies. The plastic bag is a mailing bag, with postage paid. Many of us sitting here in front of our computers have discarded such empty cartridges. You might consider putting them to work instead by helping to save a homeless pet's life.

You can get further details on the PetsMart Charities website by clicking here. You will see that you can also request empty mailing bags by sending an email to petsmartcharities@cashforcritters.com.

Old digital cell phones likewise earn a cash donation if sent to Petsmart in the bag.

Good cheer,

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Thanks, Jim, I do, in fact, have a couple of old cell phones around here which can be donated. I switched over all of my inkjets to lasers last year so I don't unfortunately have any more cartridges, but I will pass this info along to friends and family who do have them!
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Yes great program.
I spoke to my HR person and we do this at my buisness as well.
I also speak to many of our customers and spread the word.
Its a great idea to speak to the Mgr of a pet smart and take a reasonable amount of the donation bags to your place of buisness.

that is of cource if you have printers where you work. : )
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Excellent idea and postage free!!! I'll do it!
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Thanks for the info. I have a few laying around here too.
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