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Damn Stupid People !

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There is a story in our local pet section of our
free newspaper, that tells the story of Pebbles.

Pebbles is a white cat with black and tan splodges
over it's body. She is five years old I think, and
climbed into the neighbours car.

When the neighbours realised, they stopped on a busy crossdroad
8 minutes drive away ( literally ! ) from the cat's home, and
dumped the poor thing on the pavement before driving off to their
destination. As if that weren't bad enough, not only that, even though the owners started searching for the cat a few hours later, and asked the neighbours about it, the neighbours didn't own up
for 4 days, when flyers were posted through their letter box!

The cat is still missing 10 days on ! Words fail me. I'd be hard
pushed not to kill these people if it were my cat. What on earth were they thinking. A 8 minute drive back home would have put Pebbles back in his neighbourhood, but they just kept going to the
pub...not even an important meeting !!!

What is it with people these days !?!

Peace, Love, and Happiness, Always
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If there is such a thing as karma, they will get theirs in the end. What truly heartless people!
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That's horrible! How easy it would have been to take it home, or call the cat's owners. You know, despite the fact that there are more cat owners than dog owners, some people have no respect for the life of a cat. For example, if a dog is struck by a car, the car stops and the driver tries to find the owner. But I have seen many cats lying in the middle of the road. If God knows every sparrow that falls we should have respect for all living things. (with a few exceptions, mosquitoes, for one!)
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Nowadays people just don't care.
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Wow.....and these guys were neighbors? I'd be totally ashamed of myself. How utterly selfish and uncaring are some people anyways????
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God Sonia

It makes my blood run cold to read stuff like that. People are so cruel and thoughtless.

If those people lived near me - however respectful of authority and the law I am, I'd find it very difficult not to wreak some kind of revenge.

Ande if it was my unfortunate cat . . . well, they really would have to hold me back!

I verbally almost tore a neighbours head off the other week for throwing a stone at my FIV adoptee Ferdy.

My heart is with that poor kitty and her distraught owners.
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