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radio question of the day: 07/25/06

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A relaxing day to you would be: (you have to pick one of the following)
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Sheesh, both sound pretty relaxing.... but I'll choose the cabin, cause the beach one sounds like I'd have to be wearing a swimsuit
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The Beach!! With out a doubt....sipping on a margarita
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I chose the beach, but man, does it have to be a book?
I always look forward to kite flying at the beach
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I noticed both options involved reading!! But I would have to choose the beach!! I love the sun and the sand and the calming sound of the ocean!!
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The beach!
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Definately the cabin - I LOVE winter!
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Oil me up & plant me in the sand!!!! I'm a beach baby, I grew up on the beach!
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There's not an option for "anywhere that I actually had time to sit and read a book", so I picked the beach.
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I think I have to chose the cabin.

Just for the fact that I'm at the beach and it is just too hot to do anything let alone read. All I can think about is cool weather right now!
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I pick the cabin!
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The beach is it for me-
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The Beach is for me!
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Ahh the log cabin and crackling fire and snow for me

not forgetting the toasted marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate
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Don't like sand in everything, has to be the cabin.
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Both sound wonderful, but I chose beach. Can I invite a handsome, studly friend or two?
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I go for the cabin because I tend to like the quiet. Beaches around here are way too noisy, plus I'd have to travel some, unless I had a little house right on the beach...with lots of private land or something.
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Hard hard choice, but I chose the cabin, esp. right now with all the heat and since this little boy in my belly tends to raise my thermostat about 20 degrees. Plus I love the snow
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A beach for me!
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I'd love to be at a cabin right now, sipping hot chocolate and watching the snow falling outside with the kitties and honey with me, and a beautiful fire going in the fireplace. No books though, I get to tired reading and never seem to remember them.
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