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Polly Wanna Cracker

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lol this will sound a lil weird. I have birds yes birds and i'm on a cat site jeez where did i go wrong . But there in a seperate room and belive it or not even when there out i don't have any problems with the cats. Then again there large birds lol.

Anyways i use to rescue and foster birds before i did cats i wen't threw alot of animals . But i currently adopted a new female Scarlet Macaw. She is almost 2yrs old and has good feathers, her name is Scarlet (lol) then i have a coming 3yr.old male macaw that is blue & gold we call him Jay (or JJ). My last bird i've had for awhile she's a 6yr.old Sun Conure we call her Sunny. The talk scarlet and Sunny like to whistle alot but JJ always says whenever you walk by "Polly Wanna Cracker?" or "Knock Knock" lol.

Scarlet from time to time will say "Purty.." because i say that alot lol to my kitties (pur-ty). So she kinda just picked it up Sunny likes to say "c-ya.." she'll go all day saying that lol. "Cya Cya cya cya.." i've yet to here hello lol. I'll sort threw the pictures but i don't have any on the computer until my scanner starts to work again.
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Birds are great if you have the time for them

I don't know what I'd do without mine.
I have a Hahn's macaw, same clownish macaw personality, in a smaller package.
I've also got a Quaker, I got her as a rescue when she was 6 years old, she's 12 now and just a sassy, lovey little thing.
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Yea the big macaws can become dangerous though if not tamed. I know i'd never want to get bit by them lol. But i've had my Sun Conure since she was a baby. I adopted the 2 macaws and my male is a good boy loves to pick up conversations with you lol.

The hahns are very pretty and good for people that like macaws just want something smaller.
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Curious as to what you guys do when you go on vacation or out of town....
I hear birds are finicky and can stress if someone other than their people are looking after them...

Or do you go on vacation?
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lol.. well yes birds stress alot so you must watch them around other animals and cats are a big threat. But when i go on vaction i either take them or if i can't my friend watchs them. She has 4 macaws 2 Scarlets a blue & gold and a greenwing.

She never had any problems though my sun conure doesn't like her much but she never stress's much over it. But yea they do stress alot so it just depends on the person. If you yell or be loud it really makes them stress so i think it depends how the person acts around them.
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I gave up vacationing when I started keeping birds.
I'm very picky about who they interact with, and I go well beyond just putting food in the cage and leaving it.

My birds get cooked meals, fresh fruits and veggies, sprouted seed 3 times a day (dry seed also while they are moulting),dry avian diet kibble to free feed on and 2 hours each of just me time.

My quaker was also abused, so she won't let anyone else near her cage.

I do take them both camping when I go, it's a lot to pack, but they have a great time.
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Yea i don't cage much they just fly around on there free will i mainly keep my cats in a room since there a handful. My inside dog Kristy doesn't bother them, i clip there wings so they can sometimes go outside since they can't fly.

I've never had one get away or anything and there awesome I give them fruits and such for treats. I give them a macaw diet mix and bird seed. They love to talk to each other. My scarlet and blue & gold bonded really well my Sun Conure mainly stays with people instead of birds. I raised Sunny and sold her mom as a proven breeder her dad was recently given to my mom as a companion.

Me and Troy love macaws but like i said some are dangerous if they are aggressive there beeks can do alot of damage.
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