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ugh Some people!!

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A coworker came up and was telling me a story about a persian he had when his kids were growing up. He was telling me how they got rid of it because it bit him (it wasn't neutered or anything and the was an unspayed female cat in the house). Well another coworker over heard and started going on and on about how much she hates cats and has a bunch of strays in her neighborhood and that if someone doesn't come get them she is going to poison them!! Her reason for not liking cats? Becasue they lick themselves... Ugh don't almost all animals? She has 3 dogs that lick themselves!!
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some people are so stupid.
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WHAT!??? These people are insane! I hope they never get the right to have animals and the person with the dog shouldn't have a dog! How awful! People make me so angry
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Some people are just insane. I once took a part time job at a department store to earn a little extra cash for christmas. I overheard one of the store managers offering the store security guard money to come over with his gun and silencer to "pick off" all the neighborhood cats because she didn't like that one cat liked to sunbathe on top of her shed.

I hear you... some people... UGH!
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You should be like "I don't like the way your perfume smells, maybe I'll poison YOU"!

What a stupid reason to threaten to poison an animal...It licks itself?? Come on, I'm sure your coworker has done way grosser things, lol.
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people are just stupied.
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I'd totally start licking myself whenever she was around, in the hopes it would make her go away. But then, I'm known to be antisocial ...
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Originally Posted by Mirinae
I'd totally start licking myself whenever she was around, in the hopes it would make her go away. But then, I'm known to be antisocial ...
It would really freak her out!!
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LOL-licking themselves?!! Holy crap......that is one of the most ridiculous things I have heard in awhile!!

Oh yeah, start licking yourself....thats a *great* idea!! See what she thinks then. Did you say anything about her 3 dogs licking themselves? Maybe she does it for them!??

UGGHH....STUPID people, shouldnt BREED~
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Oh I just hate people like that Honestly!!

I am sorry but if she were a co worker of mine she would be having ex-lax or some other bowel relieving medication in her coffee ....every day!!

She might just get a bit of an idea of how it feels to eat something you don't want to.
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they are the

I hate people like that!
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I crack up at people like that...just because of the ignorance. One girl I knew in college was looking into getting a dog, but freaked when she found out that dogs have a 16 year life she got two cats instead.
Ummm...don't cats have a 16-20 year lifespan???

Another girl I knew from the last job didn't like cats. But she made me laugh so hard when she explained why: "It's because they're always sneaking around stalking you, like they're goig to pounce on you any second."
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People are so stupid! My dogs lick themselves almost as much, if not more, than the cats. I could say so much more, but I'll bite my tongue.
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She said all that and you didn't smack her? I would have!
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had a guy in the office said, he would go out of way to shot stay dogs and cats. I guess i should add, that he was going into great details about it.

i told him we had a couple of cats in area,and he was more then welcome to come out and shoot them.. i wait a second or 2.

then said, of course make sure your will is up to date, cause the the next thing being shot wont be a animal. i bet your wife and kids would send me a thank you card for taking out the tash.(he has also been in jail for beating up his wife)

that was about a year ago, every so often i will ask him when he is coming out to the house. lol yes he reported me to HR, and after they talked to me they went back and told him to keep his mouth shut.
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Yet another reason why I don't really like the human race...
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