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Moved but how Traumatic!

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We got here! But what a week! I was travelling with two friends, Doug and Alisa (my cat sitter). It started badly with me falling downstairs the night before and spraining my ankle so I couldn't drive, though the others were fine about sharing the driving. The cats adapted quickly to their cages, but Dushka hated being in a carrier so I transferred her to the cage with the boys and she was fine. But then we were refused entry at the first country we reached, Croatia, because there was NO VET ON DUTY at the frontier to check the cats. So we had to detour over three hours to the next border post where no one cared about a vet - they looked at the passports (human and cat) and waved us through. What a waste of time. No further checks till Slovenia, where a nice customs officer riffled through the passports, selected Napoleon and checked his chip number with a scanner. The cats were very hot despite the air conditioning and there was some open moouth panting, so we stopped every two hours to ensure they were hydrated. They didn't seem to want to drink the water in their cages so I gave them each a syringe full at each stop. That did the trick. We got to our hotel in Bavaria very late, but everyone was fine and the kits loved the new accommodation!

Next day was long but uneventful, and everyone was very curious, exploring all over the house. I have had to keep them in a bedroom since though, as there are workmen in the house. But now we come to the real trauma. Doug is having marital problems, which we knew, and he talked it all through on the journey. He was very upset and I won't go into the details. He and Alisa had a good time with me for 48 hours and then left. Two days later, when I thought they would be back in Sarajevo, Alisa phoned me from Slovenia, where doug is hospitalised after a suicide attempt, throwing himself from the moving van. He has a broken shoulder and broken nose as well as lacerations. Alisa was pretty hysterical though coping well. Doug's wife refused to go to fetch him for 24 hours, though they are now all on the way home. It is one trip that no one will forget.

No email at home yet, but will have on Saturday, when it wil be easier to post. Missed you all!
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Oh my! What a very traumatic trip for all of you! I am glad to hear that everyone is safe though. So sorry about your friend. I hope he is doing better
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Oh man, that does sound very traumatic indeed!!

Hopefully your friend gets the help he needs so he doesn't try to commit suicide anymore. How awful that someone thinks they shouldn't live anymore. Poor Guy.

Hopefully your kits start to adjust too!
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I'm sorry to hear the trip was so traumatic, but relieved to know you and the kitties arrived safely. Sending many vibes for your friend.
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So glad to hear from you, Jenny! Thought of you last night when talking with a friend whose sister moved from Colorado to Kentucky with 3 cats and one kept exscaping from the cage.
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I'm glad that the move is over for you and I'm very sorry to hear about your friend, hopefully he is able to get the mental help he needs.
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I was wondering how you were, I'm glad you checked in..but wow, what a trip. I am glad you only sprained your ankle, and so very sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he will get some help and make it through whatever is upcoming, to a better stage in his life.
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Hurray that you have arrived safely! I hope that your ankle is healing well. I'm sending lots of TCS {{{prayers and vibes}}} to Doug, that he find comfort & healing that he needs. And bless Alisa for taking care of him in his darkest hour - I can only imagine the desperation and hopelessness that he felt, poor guy. Please keep us posted on how everyone is doing! Here's some of that California sunshine to you all over there Susan
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Jenny i'm so pleased your all there safe and sound That's awful and so sad for your friend though If only he could understand that no matter how much you love someone, no one is worth risking your life for I really hope he gets the help he obviously needs, but how cold of his wife to not go and pick him up for 24 hours

Hope you get sorted soon so we can see some pictures
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Jenny - at last you have arrived. You and the kits are all well thank goodness.

It's sad that Doug feels he has nothing to live for and I hope he gets the help he needs.
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Glad to hear you have arrived safe and sound, Jenny. Sorry the trip was troublesome, but especially sorry to hear about your friend. I hope he gets the help he needs to move past this dark time.

Hope your ankle is healing well -- a nuisance during a move! Hope the kitties are liking their new home.

Good to see you back.
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Jenny, like everyone, I am so glad you made it to France and you and your babies are ok.......I'll send some vibes for your friend......he sounds like he really needs them..........

Can't wait to see pics!
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Oh that is just awful! I'm glad you have reached your destination. I will be praying for Doug, his wife, and your other friend too. (That had to awfuly traumatic for her!)
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Jenny, throwing yourself down the stairs? Did you think you needed something else to make the trip difficult?

Seriously, it does sound traumatic, but I'm pleased that you and the kitties arrived safely and are enjoying exploring the new place!

Sorry to hear about Doug! Poor Alica must have been so strong to cope with it all! Sending many }}}VIBES{{{ to them both!

I'm looking forward to seeing you pictures once you're back online from home!
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