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Red Bumps on Ears

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I recently rescued this cat from the woods outside my parents house. Although I am not a cat lover by nature - she has completely won my heart. I am planning on taking her to the vet however I was hoping to find out some information.

She seems to be relatively healthy - and flea free - however she has these smallish red blotchy bumps all over hear ears. She has been rubing her head so much that the bumps are oozing a little bit of blood and clear liquid. They are on the outside of the ear. The inside of the ear looks relatively clear.

Initially I thought it was mites but I am not sure.

Also - I am not a big fan of the shedding of the fur everywhere. I went out and bought a cat brush and have been brushing her fur every time I am home and around her ( I have only had her two days ) is there anything anyone can recommend to lessen the amount of fur she sheds or is this something I am just going to have to deal with?

Thanks for any help and advice- its much appreciated!
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Well, well welcome new converted Cat person and congradulations you are doing a wonderful thing.
They do tug at your heat strings don't they

Sorry can't help with the bumps - but she really should see a Vet for a good once over. She should also have her shots like Rabbies, Distemper and if she will be an indoor/outdoor kitty she should have her Leukemia shot.

About the sheding - well tis the season where the little ones shed the most. You are on the right track - just keep on brushing and if you do it on a regular basis it will lessen. Damp sponges are great for getting hair off furniture. There is also a product called No-Shed sold pet stores such as Petsmart. Have not used it but it might be worth a try. There are also supplements that you can add to her food to help improve the condition of her skin/hair which most like will also result in less sheding. Good luck and I am sure you will get much more suggestions from the rest of the gang!
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For taking this cat into your home and heart. Because she has been living in the woods she could of picked up a bactria off the ground with her paws and transferred it when she scratched her ears. It could be chiggers if they are in your area, but she really needs to be seen by a vet so he or she can make the proper diagnoses. Good luck and post a pic of her soon!
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You are a very special person for bringing this little one into your life and home. They do wrap those paws securely around our hearts, don't they? *smile*

As for the shedding, it has been my experience that when a cat who has lived outside comes inside to live, no matter what the season, they are going to shed a lot! I'm told this is due to the change in the environment, stress and nutritional issues. Once these things are all in a harmonious level (could be as much as several weeks in some cases), you'll see the shedding decrease, and the fur will begin to be soft and shiny again.

Just keep doing as you are with the brushing, as this not only helps to remove the excess hair, but it also decreases the chance of hairballs and other digestive issues, and strengthens the bonding experience with the kitty.

As for the bumps on the ears, your first line of defense is a vet visit. You didn't mention what color this cat might be, but white cats with pink ears are going to be more prone to sun damage than darker cats.

Hoping the problem is easily solved,

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Thank you all for your warm welcomes and wonderful responses. I am currently in the process of finding out all the costs associated with the vet and shots and spaying. Boy it gets expensive! I am trying to find out about going through my local SPCA - they have discounted prices on spaying and shots.

gayef - she is a beige color with dark brown ears and these dark rings around her legs and a dark tail - actually that picture that you have under your name - looks amazingly like her face. She has bright blue eyes as well.

Her coat is very shiny and like I said she looks healthy - she has nice bright white teeth and she is not malnourished as far as I can tell.. although the bumps is the only thing I have no clue about.

Jenn (the critter picker upper) lol!
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Hi Jenn, and from the sound of it, welcome to the wonderful world of being owned by a Siamese! *grin*

Yes, it certainly does get expensive, but in my own humble opinion, the cost is well worth the rewards. I've cared for three geriatric, diabetic Siamese cats in the past 5 years, and can seriously relate to the expense factor! Between monthly blood pulls, and of course, an almost obsessive fixation on dental work for all 3 of these cats, I hesitate to even think about the total amount of money I have spent. And all I can say is Lawd help me if my husband ever caught wind of that number! *grin*

Again, welcome to the group, and if there is ever anything you need, please don't hesitate to ask here. We have a great bunch of devoted cat fanciers here who are all more than willing to lend whatever hand you might find yourself needing.

Please let us know how things progress - I am real interested in hearing what the vet has to say about those ears...I'm thinking a bad case of mites might be the culprit.

Continued best of luck,

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Thanks for the welcome! WoW on your cats. That is truely amazing. We decided on a name for the cat I adopted. Sabia - it's Irish/Gaelic for "sweet".

I am going to get a picture of Sabia and post it - I am not sure if she is siamese or not..she doesnt have really any of the other features of siamese ( at least not what I found online) Maybe she is a mix of some kind.

As far as questions maybe you can help on the other one I posted - *points to the "Chewing Hair" new thread*

one last note- I took a look at your site - great artwork! Once I get done paying some vet bills off ( LOL!) I am going to purchase some prints I believe.

thanks so much!
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Hi Again, Jenn - and Sabia, what a beautiful name! I couldn't help but notice that your profile shows you as being in Virginia...so am I! I am just north of Richmond, how about you?

Thanks for your kind words about my art. *grin and blush* It is a labor of love. I began creating these paintings after my first Siamese died nearly 5 years ago now. *sigh* She was quite the special girl, and I still miss her desperately. The one design there, "Funny Face" was so ... her ... that I still have to chuckle every time I look at it.

If you want a print, let me know which one and I can work out pricing with you - from a fellow Siamese lover to another. *smile*

Thanks again for your updates, and keep posting!

Yours, as ever,

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I am actually in Virginia Beach Va - so your about a couple hours from me

I am not a 100% sure that she is Siamese - but I am going to get a picture online tonight to see if You can identify her for me.

About the print I will definitely be emailing you

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