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How many of you met you SO online?

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The thread about how everyone met their loves made me wonder how many of us TCSers have met the mate online?

I didn't meet Lee online. But his friend met his now wife online.
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Heck yeah... myspace all the way
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I met my hubby in person, but my friend met her man on she did it as a joke with her girl friend, because a male friend of theirs had placed a profile on there, so they were gonna joke with him. Then she started getting all these emails... she didn't respond to any of them, but used to giggle through them as she deleted them. Then months later one headline caught her eye... so they started emailing, then talking on the phone, then seeing each other, they are totally in love for 2 yrs now and moving in together soon!
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I met Trav online but then we found out that we had friends that used to go to his high school
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I met Jeremy online, more specifically, I met him in an MMORPG, back in 2000.
Met him in person in August the same year, we've been totally stuck on each other ever since.
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I've never met a guy online...I feel weird about it.
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I met mine in person. It was so lovily.
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Met my now dh online - only way it would have happened as he lived on the west coast, and me on the east
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If I had a computer at home, I would definitely delve into the world of internet dating kinda hard to do it at work though
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Jerry and I met on line! I came onto him!!
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I did! I tried online dating for a few years & made lots of good friends through it all.
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Nope, I met John in person
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I met my current boy online.
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Okay you guys are all making me want to Update my Myspace profile and I think I will join!!
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I didn't like you have to pay for it. Myspace is fun! Anyone can PM me if they want to be on my friends list!
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I have met over 100 people off the internet, its fun for me
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