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Spay/Neuter rebate program

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Hmm.. I hope I posted this in the right section...

Anyhoo... I just found out that my county offers a spay/neuter rebate program offering $25 for each animal spayed (up to 4 per household per year)

For anyone who lives in Brevard County, Florida, go to: and on the main page click where it says "New Spay/Neuter Rebate Program"...

I don't know if other counties have this, but you may want to check your local animal services website (or call) and see if they have something similar. Obviously a lot of spays/neuters cost more than $25, but hey, every little bit helps!
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Can anybody help find a low cost spay/neuter place?
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thank you. But they dont say my area. Thanks thoe
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A lot of times you can call the local vets and they can suggest a low cost spay/neuter clinic. That's how I found mine.
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Your you can call your local humane society, pound or shelter and they can tell you too.


Pawprints on the Heartland
Pittsburg KS
Mobile s/n clinic that visits outlying area in the community.

Humane Society of Greater Kansas City
Kansas City, KS

The Pet Connection
Overland Park KS
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Thank you!
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If there isn't a program in your area, maybe you could consider starting one. Both ICARE ( and PAWS in Paragould, Arkansas were/are grassroots efforts, started by a woman with a goal, and both are very successful! Maybe you could contact their directors & get some ideas. If you do, be sure to ask TCS members for moral support - I've seen so many TCS miracles happen If you aren't familiar with "board magic" you might want to check out this thread :
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Thank you I will check it out.
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The humane society I got my cat from gives you $25 back from the $50 adoption fee if you have them spayed/neutered by a certain date as well as they give you a coupon for 10% off.
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I didnt get my cats from the humane society. I got them from a no kill shelter.
They said they are going pay for the neuter. But I said no. Because that place was in bad shape. They had a LOT of cats. twice as much cats then the humane society . and need a lot of kitty litter. So I said I am going to
pay for the neuter.
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