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Can Anyone Tell Me What "FLP" is?

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My precious boy, Dexter, who is 13, is very sick and in the hospital right now. The vet isn't really sure what's wrong with him. He got very dehydrated, and the vet said the only thing she could find was a low protein level, and high white count. All other blood work and x-rays came back normal.

I suddenly noticed how quickly he had lost weight, and started looking boney when I returned from a week-long business trip. He had gotten diarrhea a couple weeks earlier from some antibiotics he was taking for feline acne, and per vet advice, we tried feeding him a 'bland' diet, which he wanted no part of. So, I went back to his regular canned food, without adding dry to it, and he started eating fine.

Dex just got very lethargic, and stopped wanting to play with our other cat, though he's still wanted to be by us, or on our laps, and purrs up a storm when he's paid attention to. He's even played with little pieces of wadded paper, string, or other little trinkets we put in front of him.

He has been eating, and drinking - though I'm just not sure how much he has actually drinking lately - pretty normally. (I've been feeding him canned food for a while, because he seems to tolerate it better than dry now.) He's been urinating normally, and his stools have gotten firmer since the diarrhea incident, but have remained a very yellow color.

All of this said, the vet mentioned the possibility of something called "FLP", which she said is a condition that keeps his body from absorbing the proteins in his food, and is possibly what's causing his stools to stay yellow. My problem is that I can't find ANYTHING online about it, and I'd really like to be able to read some information.

She said that IF he responds to rehydration, the new antibiotics they're giving him, and the Prednisone they're trying, that he may recover well. She said if it is FLP that he'll need to stay on the Prednisone, in low, spread out doses, for the rest of his life, which she said could be several more years. Oh, and she did say she's fairly certain that he DOESN'T have FIP; I've read up on that one.

...I'm anxiously awaiting her call today to get a prognosis and advice.

Needless to say, I'm beside myself with anquish. Has anyone else ever heard of this condition, or know anything about it?? Any experiences anyone could share would be tremendously appreciated.

- Dexter's Worried Mommy
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The only thing I could find was Flp = Feline Liver Protein

First I am sorry to hear about your baby but I think the best would be that when you talk to her today mention your concerns and have her explain FLP to you in detail. Also when you pick up your baby have them provide you with information in written form and/or let them direct you to some resources where you can get familiar with this condition since it is life long.

Now take a deep breath and I hope your baby will be feeling better quickly!
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Because whether in humans or in animals extended use of anitbiotics could cause a bacterial resistance - the bacteria do not respond to the antibiotic treatment. They also they tend to kill the good resident bacteria in our bowel and else where, as well as the harmful organisms.
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Any new from the VET???
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Hi Deter's mom,


The other night a beautiful black and white cat literally followed my into my building and right up the stairs into the apartment.  Unlike most cats that "move into" a new home, he wasn't afraid of anything, he walked around a bit and sat in the living room as if to say "this will do".  He was such a pet, it was obvious someone had dumped him.  I immediatley decided to keep him(named him Bruce as in Bruce Springsteen).  The next day I took him to my vet for the usual blood checks. His blood came back with positive for FLP, and a high positive my vet said.  He explained to  me that it was an infection of the gut that could spread to the brain.  He told me that he could just be a carrier and not get sick or make the other cats sick.  But I asked him if it was his cat (with six others) would he keep him.  The vet said he wouldn't recommend it.  My vet is wonderful person, he rescues cats from the alley and from customers who want old cats put down just because they are old.  Hearing him say that it is contagious was like a kick in the gut. I've only know Bruce for 4 days, but his personality made it seem like we had been together for years.


I'm working on finding him a home where he would be the only cat.  That way he couldn't give to any other cats.  I have 7 other cats and while I love Bruce to death, I risk the lives of my other 7 babies.  Bruce's stool is also yellow, I didn't know what that ment until I read your post.


I hope to talk tommorow.  Need to go now.

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Piggo, It sounds like what you are talking about is FIP not FLP. 


Fatty liver disease (FLP) is not contagious.


But FIP- feline infectious peritonitis- is highly contagious and does spread to the brain and there is no cure for it. 


Dex's Mommy- Fatty liver disease is also very serious and takes a long time to recover from, but since Dex is eating well, it sounds like he will do ok. You will find a lot of information if you google fatty liver disease.

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Just a heads up that the original post is almost 6 years old. I did a search and unfortunately she never did update what happened to Dexter.

Piggo12- I agree with BarbB that it sounds like Bruce has FIP not fatty liver disease.
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