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Sylvester is off to the vet this morning.

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Some might remember she was having seizures starting around July 4th. She has been on Pheno and a thyroid medicine since then.
Although i really haven't seen her have one in a while, she is just not the same cat...no puurrring, no cuddling...doesn't even come when she hears food being put out. In fact she doesn't seem to be eating much these days.
She has to be there at 10:00 this morning, so i can't post t9 much more about this. I will be back in a bit thing and let you know if they have anything to tell me.

Good thoughs and wishes would be appreciated....i don't know who is more nervous her or I...she gets so stressed going out.
Talk to ya later.
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Healing thought coming yor babies way.....
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I know how you feel; Andy and I went to the vet today (Andy went mad), for a spider bite and two blood tests. He is taking Pheno for seizures so one of the tests is for that. The same happened with Andy, he didn’t play and he ate poorly. After a few weeks he stared to play, the only difference he is not too interested in toys anymore. Then he stared to eat more. I don’t know if it was because I changed it. I stared putting five pieces of a different flavor in his plate, then more. He eats California Natural, he eats one cup in 24h. I hope everything goes well.
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Let me just say what a good girl Sylvester was....she didn't cry at all

They took blood from her foot and from her neck She started choking at one point so they had to stop for a minute. But thats all they did. I will say this is a regualr vet, up till now she had been seeing the emergancy Vet, who is AWESOME!! she even called the other to check on Sylvester, cause she went on vacation.
Well i don't like the regular as much because it's like a damn factory and so rushed! They didn't even really look at her ear when i told them how itchty it had been, didn't seem to really care that she now has a blad spot under her tail, she is losing alot of fur.
However he agreed we should cut down her level of Pheno....i will get results from her blood work from the tomorrow, hopefully nothing horrifying shows up

One funny thing though I came home and put her in the house and she was pretty affectionate but i had to rush out so i left for about an hour. Well i came back and went to pet her and her BUTT was soaking wet i was like :censor::censor::censor:??
Well my cat likes to drink from the toilet, i have no idea why
My daughter went into the bathroom and the seat was all wet and claw marks were in the cushy seat... So our guess is she FELL IN!!
What a goofy girl

So if all goes well in the next few weeks we maybe able to get her off the pheno all together.
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Cande i am sorry about your cats Seizures. Did he had Grand Mahl seizures??
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Sending healing thoughts your way for Sylvester
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I don’t know what Grand Mahl seizures are. My cat started having seizures the next day I gave him a flea shampoo bath. The first vet and the second vet say the same thing, it wasn’t the shampoo, but at the same time they don’t know what is causing the seizures. I know I should look for another vet, but how should I know if she/he is any good. I’m glad Sylvester (like the name) behaved, and I hope everything goes well.
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Cande...One of my cats started having seizures the day after I used Revolution on her. The vet doesn't think it was that but he did contact the company who makes it. They said that if it was the Revolution then when it wore off the seizures should stop. They didn't and it's been about 3 yrs. and she is still on phenobarb. Makes me wonder.
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That’s horrible Cathy. Those flea products are dangerous for some cats. I’m so glad they didn’t convince me to use Revolution. After the shampoo experience I cannot trust any flea stuff. Every week I give him a shower, and he's used to it.
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