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Daily Thread for Tuesday

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Had an unpleasant wake-up call this morning at 4:30. A skunk had evidently wandered in to our property and sprayed her mark all up and down our yard. The smell drove us out of the bedroom so we came into the living room to try and get some more sleep. When the sun finally came I, I went outside to look and saw she had raided our garbage. I am not sure if one of the cats got in to close, they are used to baby skunks but not mamas. Our yard reeks right now and the horses have taken refuge clear out to the other end of the pasture. Guess they don't like the smell either!
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Hissy, that's a BAD wakeup. That used to happen, when I lived in Tombstone. It was, always, about 4:00 a.m.

Day shift, today. At least, I'll be home for dinner. Rowdy seems to have calmed down, a bit. Bill has offered to cook.

I have to work, on the Fourth and there won't be fireworks, anyway. Bill was supposed to have a four-day weekend (without pay). They have a big machine down, though and he's going to go in and fix it. He doesn't want to hang around the house alone. Have a good one!
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Yeah, I don't think I would want to wake up to that! I too had a wake up call at 4:30 - Libby barking because she wanted to be fed a bit early!

We took her to the vet yesterday for her annuals, a nail trim, and some heartguard for a grand total of 150

We have never been able to trim Libby's nails, even when she was a little itty bitty thing. She was just terrible for the nail trim. They had to take her to the back and it took 3 techs to get the job done and one of them came back with a long scratch on her face. Originally they tried to do it in the exam room with us helping but they figured that having mom & dad present probably wasn't a good idea. Other than that she was very good.

Today I get to go and have my yearly eye exam and I know my vision has gotten a little worse. My vision didn't start going until I was 19; I can't see far away. I thank my dad for this; he didn't start wearing glasses until he was 18.
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Another hot one today. And there's another fire burning up by Idaho Springs, which is about 30 miles up I-70 from Denver so we're covered with smoke and haze again. My allergies are driving me insane! You know, when you know you got enough sleep, but the eyes still want to droop. Overall, be glad you aren't in Denver right now. Between the heat and smoke, the whole city is in a bad mood, myself included. I've noticed I am really irritable lately.

We've got contractors putting in a door right up where I work. It's not too bad except when they were using the jig-saw to cut out part of the wall. Of course, I'm sure all the drywall dust is doing just great things for my allergies.

Skunk is the worst! Well, fox musk runs a pretty close second. Who would have thought foxes could smell so bad?!?

Sabra - Libby sounds a lot like my dog from years back. Felicia would not let anyone trim her nails, or take her temperature. She had very nasty notes on her at the vets office. Even they finally gave up on it. Since we had a concrete slab patio, she wore off enough of she claws that it wasn't a problem.
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It's hot (again) here in Cleveland. I'm gonna hate to see my electric bill!

My presentation went well yesterday, so I'm still on cloud 7. Unfortunately, I'm having some problems with a co-worker, which is making life a little difficult here. I have found that scientists, and especially men, are rather lacking in the people management skills. My boss thinks if he stays out of it, the problem will go away. Whatever

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week, though. I'm staying home to write on Wednesday and Friday, so I have what pretty much will be a 5 day weekend. I can't get any writing done at work-I find some experiment or some cleaning to keep me busy. Believe it or not, I get a lot less distracted at home.

Everyone have a great day!
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It's been a long and slow morning. The people in the mailroom cover me for my lunch and 1 person called in and we have a new guy who started yesterday, so there isn't anyone to cover my lunch. Luckily I got one of the admins to cover for me for about 20 mins so I can run out and pick up something. I also have to swing by my house and pick up my speech book so I can do my homework for class tonight. I get to leave early though tomorrow, so that all makes up for it. I will get to leave at 4:15 instead of 5:00. Well, I have to go and address some postcards for Human Resources now. Have a good one everyone! Hissy-I hope that skunk smell goes away soon. That must be awful!
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