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pregnant stray

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hi all,
4 weeks a pregnant tabby cat adopted myself and my family after several attempts at finding the owners no one came forward so we have decided to keep her and her little ones. missey as we have named her is a very loving cat that is constantly glued to me if i go to the bathrom she comes with me perhaps she affraid of being abandoned again
i have learnt so much from this site that enabled me to make the informed decision to keep her. we have taken her to the vets and she has been de fleaded and wormed and has had her jabs vet said it wouldnt do any harm even if she has had them before but it was best to be safe than sorry. i do have a quick question she has 8 nipples but four two on each side seem under developed and very close together will this cause feeding problems?
thanks again for all the information i have gained from reading your threads
missey and michelle x
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Michelle...thank you for taking this girl. Make sure she is kept strictly indoors. As far as your question....it really will depend on the number of kittens she is carrying...did the vet give you any indication as to how many she may deliver??

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thanks for your reply kate missy is a pleasure to have she has brought so much love into our home. the vet didnt give me any idea as to how many kittens she is going to have so we will just have to wait and see. when you see the blood is it usually on the cat or in her litter tray ? she has been going frequently today and last time the was a very small amount of blood but she didnt seem to pass urine.
as for going outside since i opened the door to her she hasnt tried to get out once she is glued to me lol
thank you again
missy and michelle x
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You could ask your vet if it is likely to be a problem.

Good for you for taking Missy and her mini-mes in!

Good luck, and Welcome to TCS.
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