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Daily Thread: Tuesday 25th, July

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Morning all!

Yet another glorious day here in the Land of Manc!

"My" Drinkwell fountain arrived this morning, so my task today is to clean and declutter my kitchen to find a good spot for it! Hopefully the cats are going to love it (and I can keep it alive for longer than my CatIt! )

Hope you all have a great day!
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Ooooooh the kitts have got a fountain

Morning! It's hot here again but were supposed to be having thunderstorms tomorrow wooooo hoooooooooo

It's countdown time because i finish for 2 weeks holiday on friday and Gils down for it as well on saturday
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Yeah they have! Looks good too! My CatIt died a death months ago and (meany Meowmy that I am ) only got round to getting a replacement now!

Oooh, lucky you having two weeks off! I bet you're looking forward to it and having Gil down for a while!!

Thunder storms?! I hope they're not coming here!
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Oh no! Sar I wish you 'd have said! Our cat it was a none starter, Sleeves just clawed at it and cried so I unplugged it and put it outside on the landing! Its just sitting there! Barely been used! Well if you do still want it let me know and it's yours. Or anyone else in the UK for that matter, Sar gets first refusal though
Well it's a beautiful day in Scotland! I was going to start a thread tomorrow when I have pics uploaded but I'll share it now anyway. Mark and I had Sleeves and Nismo out in the garden last night on their harnesses! They absolutely loved it and they were SO well behaved! I did have reservations as Nismo can be wild but she was very cautious and crawled on her belly like a snake. Sleeves was the adventurous one which surprised me! Anyway it was great fun and I'm taking them out again today now that I know they cope well with it.
Have a great day all!
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my Cat It has been out of action for a year since I went trvaelling and my mum dismantled it and lost all the parts

It's such a lovely day outside but I have to go to work soon. I have a month off (well, still working at magazines so working weekdays) after working 7 days a week for the past 3 months! I cant wait!
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Good Morning Cat People!!

I hope everyone's Monday went by smoothly!! I am just glad that one day is gone out of the work week!! only 4 more ......tonight is our Margarita night, so I have something to look forward to!! The weather should be nice also!!

I hope everyone has a great day...and hang in there till the weekend!!
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I have a stomach ache, that's why I am up so early. and I can't sleep. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Good Morning/afternoon/evening!! I woke up with a terrible headache and my excedrin hasn't quite kicked in yet. Well I went for an 8 mile bike ride along the river last night. It was really pretty but really hot! I am not going today though. I need a rest!

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good Morning Gang!!!

I had a good evening last night, had a nice dinner with hubby then cuddled a bit, and had some QT alone time. Got my kitchen cleaned up, and guess what?! Hubby even hung his own towel up on the hook after taking a shower!!! Amazing! Usually he throws it on my bed, and then I throw a fit. We do have a silk comforter after all. I didn't sleep well at all last night. Finally at 2am I got up and took a pill to go to sleep, and cause I didn't get the required 8 hrs I am dragging this morning. I don't think there is enough coffee in the western hemisphere for today. Hubby will be working late tonight (3am). So it will be a girls night, and LuckyGirl & I will do our nails tonight. Maybe I'll pick up a bottle of wine... mmmm that sounds good. Maybe I'll go to bed early.... mmmmm that sounds even better.....

So we'll see.... I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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Well its going to be a steamy day here in Wisconsin.
We had a band of thunderstorms move through starting about 4:38 and through about 9 or so. Got a 1/2 inch of needed rain to I don't have to water plants!!
My neighbor's dog ended up staying at my house all night-I walkd him over this morning and knocked on their door. He said he called for his dog and was going to look for him. This dog can be a bit stubborn!! I said look here 1st as he comes over enough. The cats stared at him through the front door and from the bow windows!!
Cleaned out the refrigerator (YUCK!) and washed it up inside.
Did some weeding around daylilies but taking a break-too wet to haul soil around walkways.
Nothing much planned.
Have a good day!!
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I am already having a tough day.
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Send the thunderstorms my way! I could use 'em

It's one hideously hot afternoon here. Thank [deity of choice] for a/c!

Long day so far. Been up since last night since I slept most of the day yesterday. Woo was I beat! Been working since 7ish. Got locked out of software I need and have been on the phone all day about that. Re-licensed all the furkids. Now I have a vet appointment for Karma and Peewee this afternoon. Nothing major... Peewee has the sniffles and one eye is a little watery, Karma needs her distemper shot. Then tomorrow Tryon goes in for shots. Tried to do it all at once, but one person + two cat carriers + one 70lb dog doesn't work too well Then in my free time (ha ha ha ha) I get to run over to Target, pick up two couch slipcovers, attempt to move two fishtanks to the new house... and oh, that reminds me... I need to buy a stand for the 29gal. Eeesh I'll sleep well tonight!

Oh and I also need to find out of the diningroom set I inherited is an antique because it could really use a good staining... but if it's worth money, I know it will be worth less if I change the original stain. Anyone know how to find out if this set is valuable or not?

Have a great rest of the day!
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Well good afternoon

My power just went out 3 times in a as I was booting up my computer 3 seperate times, the freaking power keeps knocking it out..Grrr!

Just had a yummy turkey sandwich for lunch and now am just wasting away my lunch on TCS

Have a great day everyone!
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Evening all! I worked today but got off early and had SO much running to do. I worked 50 hours this week, I thought it was going to be an easy week, boy was I wrong, 6 days 50 hours, and the owner comes down on the last day of the week, meaning that the manager leaves me a 2 page list of things "to do" Monday am, to be done before I left that day.So instead of working 6 hours, I work 8 and I am tired. The sad thing is, he stayed for 20 minutes and that was it. I was not happy. At least the person he came with commented on the store being exteremly clean, that made me happy because someone noticed my hard work.
Back to work tomorrow and then a day off! This week I have 2 days off and I'm overjoyed!!!

Have a great night everyone!
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