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Kittens in Baytown TX need a home

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Spoke with Lisa the lady that rescued them and these guys sound lovely. Here cry for help as below:

"I'm in a lil place called Baytown, Texas. I work at a local animal hospital... and I need your help. See, about 7 weeks ago I assumed the undertaking of raising 6 kittens who were (at that time less than 2 days old). Since then, one has died due to a severe staph infection that was too far gone when I got him. The 5 remaining kittens are healthy, beautiful little bundles of joy (and mischief) and I need help in placing these little critters!! Yes, I know about the horrible influx of kittens we've had lately, but I've had these babies almost since birth and I'm not giving up on them now. I have done everything in my power
to give them a head start in life: they've had their first set of feline vaccinations; they've
been wormed (twice); they've been on antibiotics to prevent any urinary tract infections; they've been bottle fed (well, now they're weaned); they've been given nutritional supplements to grow big and strong; they've been treated with Frontline Spray for fleas; they're very well socialized (they loooove people and I have 9 other cats, so they get along with animals, too); and they are about the cutest darn things you've ever seen!! Since I work at the vet hospital, I've been able to scrape up what I like to call my "kitten kit", which, if you're willing to adopt one of these 5 beauties, you'll get: product information on "Program", "Frontline", "Advantage" (including a coupon for 1 free tube), "Revolution" (including a coupon for 1 free dose when you buy 6 doses), information regarding heartworms (yes, cats can get heartworms just like dogs!), information on vaccinating against feline leukemia and feline aids, a guide to preventative healthcare, an updated health record including any previous treatment I have given them, and a booklet from
Science Diet which includes two coupons (one for a free 4lb. bag of kitten food and another for $3 off your next SD purchase) and other nutritional information. WHEW!! Do I sound like a saleswoman or what?? Well, regardless.... if you live in the Baytown, Texas area and are interested in these lovable kittens, please email me at

and I will send you some CUTE CUTE CUTE photos of
these little angels once I get them uploaded! Thanks! Lisa"

So, If any one can help I thik they would be rewarded for a lifetime.
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Helen, Thanks for passing that on to us. Lisa has certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty, hasn't she? What a great gal! It would be wonderful if some of our members from Texas adopted these little ones, wouldn't it? She's so right; those people would be rewarded for life!
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I can't help myself when I see these posts - and yes if anyone in the neighborhood knows of someone who want to give the wee ones a home that would be so great - and YES unconditional love for a live time is the reward..
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Oh, I wish I could help! Baytown is right around the corner but I really can't have any more.

The only thing that I can think of, which I'm sure Lisa already knows about, is C.A.P. (Citizens for Animal Protection). They are a wonderful agency in the Houston area (Baytown is considered part of the Greater Houston Metro Area) who places animals and do not put any to sleep. They also require that those adopting pets provide a lot of information to make sure the animals are going to a good home. Even if they are full to where they can't take any in, they have a weekend adoption program where you bring them up for the weekend to be shown for adoption. All you have to do is reserve your space in advance. I believe you can also bring pictures to their facility.
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I don't know if she does but I will inform her.
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Lisa is in touch with BACCR something similar to CAP to help her find forever homes for the cuties. Smart choice!!
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i would like to adopt one of the kittens.If you can get back to me to let me know i would be happy to help.

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This thread is vintage, more than 10 years old. It goes back to July 2002.

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