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Tongue problem???

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For about a month now, my 10 year old cat Rocky, acts like he has something wrong with his tongue. I'll try to describe what he does... Picture that you have something stuck underneath your tongue and without using your hands you try and use your tongue to dislodge it. That's what he looks like... Sometimes he'll make a weird noise first like a soft 'hacking' sound, then touch his cheek with his paw. Has anyone's cat ever done this???

It's extremely hard for me to get him to the vet, he doesn't travel well and will scratch my face off, it I try to put him in a carrier. Which poses another question... does anyone know how I can find out if there are "mobile vets" in my area??

Thanks for any suggestions....
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You really do need to get him to the vet. This could be anything from gigivitis (sp?) to a mouth ulcer or something else. Only a vet can tell.

Have you asked your regular vet if he/she makes house calls? If not, maybe you can try out your local yellow pages and see which vet operates a mobile clinic, or just makes house calls.
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Have you heard of other cats doing this??? You may be right about gingivitis, he has such STINKY breath... But are you saying that this is something that has to be looked at immediately??? I've looked in the yellow pages and I don't see anything for mobile vets. But I heard that some Vets did it for the elderly pet owners.. I hate this, I would love to be able to take them regularly to the vets, it's just such an ordeal...

Thanks for you help...
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I can relate to the cat not traveling well.

Two suggestions that I have used:

1) Have you tried a harness and leash as opposed to the carrier? That worked for me recently.

2) Instead of a "side-opening" carrier, ie, with a door, have you tried something "top-loading"? I used to use the box I got from the humane society. Just stick him in from the top and close it. I'm sorry I ever got rid of it.

My Joey is gullible enough to zip into the carrier if you toss a treat inside, but Squirt will have no part of it. When I bought the thing I left it in the living room with the door open for at least a month, so it was "non-threatening". Squirt wasn't buying that for one minute. Last visit to the vet, I finally just had to put him in the car and hope for the best. That's when I decided to at least harness and leash him.
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Try leaving the carrier out with the door open for several days or even weeks. Put a towel and even treats inside. When your cat sees that it is not a threat just sitting there on the floor, he will investigate and even go inside (don't close the door in him during his investigations). Once he gets used to it, it may not be such trouble getting him into it when you really need to. Once he is inside, put a blanket or towel over top so that he can't see out. It makes them feel more secure when they can't see all the movement outside the carrier.
Good luck!
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Thanks to both of you for taking the time to respond to my questions, I think it might be time for a new carrier and top loading sounds like it might be a little easier for me. I never tried a harness... I'm not really sure how they would react to that but that's something I will definitely think about as well.

The only thing is that as soon as either of them get into a car they immediately throw up, poop and pee.
Does that sound familiar to anyone??? Or am I the luckiest cat owner in the world?? (ha)

Thanks again to everyone...

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I have a few car sick cats. The only way I have found to avoid the BIG messes, is treat it as if they were going for surgery the next day. I take the food away at about 8 or 9 the night before. Then they have usually used the litter enough that it all doesnt end up in the carrier on the way to the vet. I know it's hard, but sometimes I have to traumatize them to help them. Good luck in your efforts!!
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Thanks so much Sandie, I don't know why I never looked at it that way... To stop their food intake prior to the Vet appointment... That will probably help tremendously, I'll just have to listen to them wail because they are hungry..

Thanks again!!!
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