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Tail Chasing

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The past few nights, Oliver will get into this mode while he's chillin on my low dresser and all of a sudden start wildly chasing his tail! He's 4 years old, haha, so I was pretty sure he realized it was part of his body... he lays there like flipping the tip of his tail, like he'll stop and go, and he looks at it like he's hunting a bug! I just go "don't you make the connection that you're the one causing the tail to move?!" Then he'll attempt to pounce on his tail, which turns into running in circles (mind you, this is all on top of a polished dresser)... sometimes he'll get his tail up between his legs, so it's coming up to his face under his belly, and watch it twitch and I'll warn him "that's part of your body, it's gonna hurt when you chomp!" but he does it anyway and then looks like "WHAT THE H*LL WAS THAT?!"... I'm just curious if there's ANY rhyme or reason to this suddenly odd behavior... it's not a problem or anything, just weird - he has PLENTY of toys and interaction time throughout the day and has been hunting lots of bugs and teasing the dog, so I know he's not bored....
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i had a cat years ago that used to chase her tail. She would be sitting in the chair looking like she taking a cat nap, then BAM, she was spiining around after her tail, in fact when i got her from the APL, they had nicknamed her tail just for that reason.

I remember once, she caught it and i think she took harder bite of it then she thought, cause she let out a cry of pain, then looked at me like it was my fault
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My Molly loves to periodically chase her tail, it's just a game to them.

(She even does this heart-stopping plaintive meowling to go along with it - BF once remarked "If it wasn't a part of her, I'd be inclinded to get it away from her - she really sounds like she's in distress"). She loves it! You can't go anywhere near her when she's hunting her tail, she's a crazy kitty in her own psycho little world.

ETA: Molly does the tail flick thing too, like she's pretending it's not HER tail, but she doesn't chomp when she gets it, she just grabs it viciously and then gently licks the tip.
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I love your sig. Olly is such a cutie!
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Originally Posted by Satai
I love your sig. Olly is such a cutie!
Haha thanks.... don't let the cuteness fool you though, he has his monster moments
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Lol, my kitten just recently started doing this too. It's hilarious. She does the same and pulls it up under her body while she lays on her side/back and then tries to chew it.

Usually she watches it for a while (with the tail flicking) before chasing it, but the funniest was the other night. She was just quietly sitting there and suddenly noticed her tail out of the corner of her eye, she jumped up in the air and started trying to catch it.

Ugh, cats are so adorable!
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You know....my foster Damita is 5 years old & mostly blind....but I always catch her chasing her tail. She hasn't bitten it yet, but I think that's because it moves too fast for her minimal vision. She just developed her love of her tail in the past week.
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