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Rotators cuff injury?

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I don't know if anybody knows about this, but no harm in trying.

In Jauary of this year, I ws diagnosed with a rotators cuff injury. Which shocked the doctors, as I am only 18, and you usually see this in older people.
Anyhow, he gave me a prescription for an antiinflamitory and sent me on my way. They didn't really end up working and I started taking my mums leftover painkillers (bad, I know). Well, those have been gone for a while now, and the shoulder has been doing pretty good.

Until recently it started acting up again.

now, I dont know if any of yoy have this, but the pain is unbelievable. most days I want to stick my head into a pillow and either scream or cry.

But on Saturday I got these weird feelings in my shoulder.. almsot like something was moving or tearing inside.. really weird feeling.. very sore and uncomfortable feeling.
So I was wondering if anybody knew if this was normal or not?

I will be seeing a dr if it keeps up.. or gets worse.. but there's no use going in to get more pills taht don't even help.
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Please go see a Dr. My Uncle had this and did tear something. He was in a lot of pain so I am sorry you are going through this!
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You need to see your doctor and be referred onto an orthopaedic surgeon. I work in orthopaedics and this sounds like either a tear of your rotator cuff or something called subacromial bursitis.

In any case, leaving it could lead to further injury, or something called frozen shoulder where you shoulder locks up completely because the muscles in your rotator cuff `lock down' to prevent further damage.

This is not something you should be delaying - you'll need to see a specialist immediately.

Oh, and rotator cuff complaints are very common in all ages - your age is not a factor here, they happen all the time!
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