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4 kitties

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which kitty litter do you think is good for 4 week old kittens?
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I am not sure on which brands have which style of litter, but I use the wheat crumbles. They keep the odor down pretty well, but you have to change the whole box every few days or so because it gets a characteristic sour smell. *yuck*

It says it's safe for kittens even if they eat it by accident. I do know that any grey clumping litter could be dangerous for kittens, so stear away from those.
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check petfooddirect.com.and click cat litter
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I use Tidy cats but the NON clumping one.
My kits will sometimes TRY and taste it, but they QUICKLY spit it out.
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I used Scoop Away clumping before my momma cat had kittens and I LOVED it! I switched to Yesterdays news once the kittens started using the box and it works well masking the odors and now I have switched back to the Scoop Away now that they are old enough. I tried Tidy Cat "CLAY" NON Clumping litter and it does NOT work! It didn't work when I had just one cat and I used the "Multi Cat" litter and there was only 1 cat and it didn't mask the odors at all. I would suggest yesterday's news while they are small but you have to change it every few days because it is pellets that disolve when they tinkle. However when they are big enough for clumping litter I would HIGHLY suggest the Scoop Away!
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At the shelter, they use Johnny Cat litter. It tracked, and I was constantly cleaning and scooping when I was fostering kittens, but it was safe for them to eat, which they all did (!), and I believe is cheap (it was supplied to me, but I'm pretty sure it's fairly inexpensive).
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I noticed Feline Pine and Yesterdays News aren't up there which I think are definately the best choices for kittens. As long as it is NON CLUMPING that is the biggest thing that matters.
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Personally, good old Tidy Cat non-clumping is what I prefer for kittens and adults.
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