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A great book recommendation

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Here's a great book I read recently. I used to travel into London to work, and for a while most EVERYONE in the carriages on the tube was reading this.

It's called White Teeth by Zadie Smith. She's an young anglo-indian woman who grew up near were I was born in NorthWest London.

The story weaves in and out of the lives of a white/jamaican family and their indian friends.

It does contains some swearing (although not offensively) in the context of the conversations going on.

But it is such a true and good representation of modern urban life - it's also very funny and the national characteristics are very well observed and on occasions gently mocked.

It's great for getting a taste of the real London - hard but human.

I don't know if it's available all over the world - but I know Zadie won lots of awards (it was her first novel).

Check it out!
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Thanks for the suggestion! I've just placed a hold on White Teeth at my local library, via the on-line method. I've no idea how many people are ahead of me, but eventually I'll get an electronic-mail notice and the reading will commence!

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Cool Bananas Mr Cat.

I hope you enjoy the book once you get it (you didn't order it at the library as a result of my reccommendation did you - or was my post just a coincidence)??

BTW - I just loved the psycho close-up on pictures pictures post. You looked somewhat like Jack Nicholson in The Shining

:LOL: Only joking!
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I'm glad you liked that photograph! (Maybe Jack is lurking here!) And YES, I did ask for White Teeth based upon your recommendation. Once it arrives and I begin reading, I'll return here with questions!

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That's a responsiblity. I hope you like it - I'll feel terrible if you come back and say you hate the book!

I'll tell you what though - you'll need your English Vernacular Translator/Dictionary, because there is some real Asian/London slang going on in the dialect. Even I had to read some bits twice - and I was brought up in the next district to the largest asian community in England.

Have fun!!

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Your suggestion regarding reference material is duly noted! By the way, the book has arrived!

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