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"FIRST" vent!

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ok i own miniatures well i breed and i talk on this other mini pony forum and imagine getting blown out by a bunch of stupid know it alls and i think there all like 15 or some crap! I'm 22 and getting told how to breed by a bunch of noisy teens! So here i am venting on how much i miss the good forums and good people online! God this is why i don't want kids there snots, brats, and there parents are idiots for how these rude mannered kids were raised.

Not to add i was yelling at Troy's brother Nick the one i use to date before troy. I hate the color of my bed room and bathroom has carpet god you don't put carpet in a bath room! So i was fighting with him over that he said that it is stupid the tile i picked out, i started yelling and crap threw the little hard ware booklet at him and stormed out of the house. MY house well me and troys but troy wasn't getting home for 3 more hours from work i'm at my friends house calling troy every 15mins.

Finally he gets home 2 1/2hrs later and called me saying where am i. I explained his know it all brother told me that my idea's were stupid! He came and got me at his friends and Troy told Nick that he should shut up and just do it. Of course Troy just goes along with it because i'll smack him!

God i'm going to kill something if i don't get this off my chest i've never had an X-bf and soon to be BROTHER-IN-LAW tell me how to arrange my house! God how childish can men get, what is wrong with Dark blue, smokey puff clouds on the top and bottom in the bathroom for walls and blue & white glass styled tile? Then i want burgandy mix wall color in the bed room with red whine type carpet it pictured great!

NO.. couldn't just get it over with he had to tell me it would look to stupid and get in a fight i'm no longer talking to him. I'll kill him next time i see him i'll use rope or my bare hand!!!!! JEEZ poor troy he had to here this for 2 hours of me ranting and walking around with Cookie in my hands lol.

But still i can't belive people would do that when its your house i didn't admit how "STUPID" baby sky blue and black look in a kitchen but you know i didn't but in. Black in a kitchen are we trying to display darkness.
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First, you seem very upset, actually more upset than the situation warrants. I know you are just venting, and so it's probably exaggerated. Is everything else okay? Are you very stressed about something?
I have learned the very very very hard way that it is never okay to throw things at anyone, or hit them, or threaten too. Maybe I'm just overly sensitive about it.

We're a good forum!!! I'm sorry about the people who don't understand you in the other one. Just come in here for a breath of fresh air.

I know how stressful decorating can be. Especially when other people disagree about it. Perhaps you should ask your future brother-in-law to take a little time out from helping you decorate, until you and your fiance work out exactly what you want done? Just don't forget that he lives there too! Maybe you could work out a compromise, so he has one room he can do anything he wants with (and a bathroom, if you have two) and then he could leave the rest up to you as long as he doesn't hate it?

I had a lot of problems decorating too, my ex-bf/roommate is colorblind so things that look pretty to me hurt his eyes or look terrible to him. He pretty much let me do whatever I wanted (without costing much, we're pretty broke) as long as it looked okay to him. One thing I really wanted to do looked terrible to him, so I didn't do it. It would have been so cool, but, meh! what'll you do!
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I understand your feelings! It is a very bad day for me also! Hopefully we will wake up tomorrow all happy and be able to let today go!
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Oh WOW!! I bet you feel better now!! Wish I could go off like that sometimes!LOL
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lol. I love you all for your support and Troy couldn't help get one laugh out of the deal . But yea i've been stressed alot from last week, with the new siamese kittens braking alot of things to my soon to be brother-in-law thinking that he can just butt into things.

Me and troy were planning to do these 2 rooms 2 weeks ago but we were still trying to decide on things. So Troy decided that we needed to start so his brother was going to help "me" get things ready. Yes i hope his bruised froom my magazine that i do want back.

But yea, Troy understands that Nick really had no say and we have 2-3 other guys coming but another day waisted because his stupid brother. Kristy my big ham had the heart to lay with me and give me kisses threw the venting lol.

But yea troy and i are going to stay from Nick for sometime because every since Troy purposed again he really has something agaisn't me and its been about 4-5yrs since i dated him i've been with troy longer than i was with nick. I think thats part of it is i dumped him for troy.

But Nick has a gf and she comes over alot because she loves my macaw lol she's pretty handy when it comes to cleaning the cages :P. But i just had to vent thanks for your support guys. Its just been so crazy i took it out on alot of friends and even though Troy sticks by me threw the yelling lol and his term of abuse :p.

I just i can't belive some people you think somethings so big and crap and look back and relize it was just a childish moment.
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Glad you got to vent, but keep in mind on the horse forums they may just be offering what they feel is ok advice to offer. 22 isnt that old i should know i am 23 have been in horses since i was a year old. but there still are people who know more than me.

Take it with a grain of salt. and try to look at it with a fresh perspective.
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There 15yrs.old? I was born with horses i know alot more than they do so i won't look back because there advice can get people hurt. I use to train large horses but i got into miniatures. There just snotty little brats that think there adults.

No i don't take much advice because when it comes to horses i can more less out go alot of people. Because its called books, online it comes in hand when learning and i've been interested in horse books since i was young.
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You hope he's bruised from when you hit him? Perhaps you should tell him that you don't feel that you can be around him for now. Because that is very unhealthy, and I imagine the situation with him being jealous that you are marrying his brother after dating him might be uncomfortable too... Let the brothers hang out, and you find your own thing to do. Wanting to have hurt someone purposefully isn't healthy, for you. It really isn't any more okay for you to hurt him than it would be for him to hurt you. I know it was just a magazine, but the sentiment behind it is something I'm very familiar with being on the wrong end of.
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Troy doesn't want to see him and thats the problem he just more less shows up. Then he doesn't knock on our door he just walks right in and he's ticking me off. Its not a shrink matter i was mad at him and i don't think a guy that spends more time at the gym than home would get hurt by a magazine.

I really don't mind he wants to see Troy but when he comes over and starts crap with me he's got alot of it coming. I had alot of reasons to brake up with Nick and he needs to get over the 2yr.old attuide or leave us both alone!

I'm really stressed i need to go to a animal shelter lol i was going to take Kristy and Snickers to the park but Troy has the day off so i decided to stay home and express on here. lol
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When i was 15 i was a little brat too, and I think you were one too

Who wasnt a snotty little brat?

IF your soon brother to be inlaw doesnt do what you say, then just chuck him out of the house and continue decorating your self.
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But i need him lol i'm short :embarrased: then again Troy is home he hates directions i have to yell at him because he will do it wrong.. i can see it now lol. But yea and his other friends are coming over and i feel weird there doing our bed room.

Yea i know i freak alot of people out but Troy is ticked because he kept calling last night and i turned my cell off and un-plugged the phone in our bed room. Kristy and Cookie were fighting over who gets to lay at the end of our bed.

Picture a great dane and 8wk old cat fighting lol...
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Really this is a problem that your fiancé needs to handle not you. Troy obviously knows how you feel about his brother, now he needs to sit him down and ask him to be more respectful of you and to call and ask before he comes over.

You need to work on not letting Nick get to you. I would bet he does most of what he does to get a rise out of you and it seems like he's pretty good at it!

Remember that bullies and children misbehave to get attention. Ignore them and they'll stop the bad behaviour.

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It is weird that you two are still fighting so many years after you broke up. Is there any way you can reach a truce and just be coolly civil towards one another? There shouldn't really be anything between the two of you worth fighting about. Like, if you don't like him just walking in your place (and I so would be bugged by that too!) tell him he has to call first and then knock. Why bother fighting with him? It's your house. If you or him keep bringing up stuff from when you were dating, then you're not ready to be in the same room. Period.
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Exactly i agree 100% Zissou. Its been years since i dated him or ever thought of us as being more than friends. In which he cheated on me so if he's jealous he needs to re-think the steps that he took to make me feel this way about him. 2-3yrs i've let his childish attuide go.

Then troy purposed and i denied but soon after he bought this house and he purposed again last year and i accepted. Thats when it really turned bad because he started walking in the house and everything else.

Then calling really late? I don't know his problem but Troy won't awnser his calls and i really can't see him i'm blown up as is over this. Its really not about the kids but yea it started it but he had no right telling me what to do in my own house...
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