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Could use some new suggestions for shy kitty

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Hey all.. Just asking for some suggestions here on Suzie.
For those who don't know her background here's the deal. She was rescued with Cookie (her obvious littermate) at about 13 weeks last fall. They had probably been outside living on handouts for 3 weeks. Before that we have no clue what the story was. Momma was not around.
She is very shy. She used to hiss at the slighest provocation and spent a lot of time hiding behind my computer desk. She gets along well with the other cats, but does not allow herself to be touched by humans. Until recently I found that her comfort zone with me was about four feet. She will play with toys like dangly things and the cat dancer, but usually watches zakk and cookie go after them- I really have to be persistent to get her to join in.
She is a year old this month. I figured out what her weakness is... Treats and junky dry food like whiskas. At first I would toss her the treats, then I tried putting the on the floor closer and closer. A few weeks ago I started putting them on the ottoman, then on the couch next to me. I also tried holding it out to her, but she would usually bat at my fingers trying to get me to drop them! Today a breakthrough she actually ate a few treats out of my hands sitting on the couch. BTW I still toss some of them to her.. her little face looking at me so expectantly gets me...
I would love to at least be able to pet the little softy. Does anyone have any further ideas to gain trust... I know I have to be patient.
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Have you tried the reading to her in a soft voice trick? You just sit in a room, just the two of you, and you read to her - over time she might come over and join you and let you pet her.
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Hmmm.. No we aren't usually alone. I have one velcro kitty. BUT if I notice she is in the room with me I always say hi to her, and I think she knows her name. I'll try talking to her more. When I'm home I spend most of my time either on the computer, where she sometimes makes a cameo, or watching Tv in the living room She usually shows up then, hides under a table and waits to see if the treats come out.
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Ooooh I like that reading idea. Maybe I'll try that with Zekie! I totally feel your pain over scardie kitty! My Zekie is too smart, she knows if I put the treats too near me she won't go for them. I hope she comes around like your baby!
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