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Clawing please help!

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I am having a hard time trying to get my kittens to NOT claw my brand new sofa set. They have things to claw but my hubby is getting very angry! Is there anything else I can do to make them stop besides saying NO and moving them to their scratching post?
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Make the scratching post very attractive to them. Catnip, treats, etc.

Then, make the couch as absolutely horrid a place to scratch as you can, using double-sided tape (you'll be able to take it off pretty quickly) bitter apple sprays, and upside-down car mat in front of the sofa (they won't want to stand on it).... hmmm, what else? Tin foil, many cats hate tin foil.

If that fails, buy some softclaws. Then they can't scratch anything!
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Something with a citrus scent?

I remember having upside-down carpet runner around my sofa for the first couple months my new cats were home. What a nuisance!! But a good deterrent to redirect them to the scratching posts. And cats and sofa are just fine, now.
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Double sided tape works wonders for me as well. They hate the feel of it on their paws, and soon learn the couch is not a good pace to scratch! It may not look too attractive for a few weeks, but that's generally all they need to learn. My 10 month old kitty learned in about 2 days!
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Please click here to read about how to keep cats from scratching your furniture.
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I just went with soft paws so Oliver cant destroy anything with scratching, haha
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Boy, did I think I was smart --
We recently got rid of our leather recliner, that my 3 'children' had decided was the purrrrrfect scatch post (even though they did use the 'real' scratch post placed right next to it). We bought a new chair in a the same fabric as our couch that they had never bothered with. All well and good for the first week---we did take precautions and sprayed the edges with one of those cat replants, but in the past couple of days, our middle 'child', Gabby has been found using her claws on the new chair. Yesterday, I read on this site about the double/sticky tape and quickly ran out and bought some, and fully taped up the sides of the chair where she's been scratching. Last night I noticed Gabby now has a new attraction.... she loves rubbing up against the sticky tape and licking it.
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I use clear packing tape where one of mine was scratching. If you're desperate, Walmart has some clear plastic for 97 cents to $1.77 (for the thicker stuff) a yard in the fabric section-(making a clear kitchen table cover to protect it from kitty claws )- you could cover it with that, and then packing tape it together (be sure to sit on it or have someone sitting on it when you do! )
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I have had success with aluminum foil, tape it on the place they claw and after awhile the novelty is gone. Cats hate the feel of foil on their paws. Be sure they have an alternative place to scratch and reward them when they use it.
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